The Solution

Many people see the need to do something about the ever-growing tyranny in our country. We worry about whether our children and grandchildren will have the freedoms we had. But what do we do?

Ultimately, the reason America was successful is because this country was founded by men with a Christian worldview, with laws based on the Bible. That is the only solution. We can do things God’s way, or we can do things man’s way.

doi3I think that while the founding fathers presupposed the Christian worldview, they made a mistake in not naming Christ as the foundation in the Constitution. Since they weren’t explicit, future generations decided that they were free to do things their own way rather than God’s way.

Subsequently, doing things God’s way was ruled unconstitutional. I think that is an insane misinterpretation of the Constitution, but that is the mindset of many Americans. The open acknowledgement of Jesus Christ in the government is unthinkable for some people, and has been ruled unconstitutional in certain circumstances.

Since the only possible way out of the tyranny we face (a return to God’s way of doing things) has been found to be unconstitutional, the only two possibilities are to amend the Constitution (to say explicitly that Jesus Christ is King, this is a Christian nation, and that our laws ought to be based on the Bible) or secede from the union.

The only hope I can see is for a small group of people to declare independence and just stop obeying the ridiculous, immoral things that are required of us.

If the people of Fremont County vote to declare our independence, are they going to send a battalion of tanks down Highway 50? I hope not. All I want is to live in peace, not be harassed, and have the right to self-determination. If they were to send in the army, it would be foolish to resist. We’d have to find another solution. However, maybe if Fremont County gets the ball rolling, other counties will join us–maybe dozens or hundreds of counties.

But someone has to take a stand. Someone has to be first.

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Working for the Secession of Fremont County from the Union