Abolish The Police!

I’m dead serious that the police should be abolished. I say this for five main reasons.

An Old West Posse
An Old West Posse – Citizen Justice

1. Ancient Israel was the freest country in the history of the world. Early America was a close second. Israel was operating under God’s law, and He didn’t institute a police force.

2. This country didn’t have a police force until the 1830s. The founding fathers didn’t see the need for police.

3. No one should have extra rights. The founding fathers  didn’t want anyone to be considered a special class of people who operated under different laws than everyone else.

4. The funding for police is taken from people by threat of force aka taxation. This is immoral. It is stealing.

5. Cops have become the biggest, most violent gang of thugs in the country. They have become highly militarized. And, they really are above the law. They don’t have to live up to the same standards as everyone else, and they take full advantage of that status.

However, this doesn’t mean that I’m just trusting people not to murder and steal. There still needs to be law enforcement. It’s just that it will be biblical, voluntary and private.

1. God’s Law Says There Will Be No Cops

I’m a theonomist (which means I’m a Christian who believes the civil laws of Israel ought to be the land of the law today). Ancient Israel did not have police. Their taxes were extremely low, and the extent of their government was a court system. When a crime was committed, the victim would charge the guilty party in the court system. The court would hold a trial and if there was a guilty verdict, the victim and witnesses would carry out the punishment, along with any of the available townspeople, if necessary. There were no cops going around looking for trouble.

2. No Police In America Until the 1830s

You have to check out the article referenced here. It is a great article about the unconstitutionality of police. I made it into a pdf and read it on my kindle. It came out to be about 30 pages of reading and 40 pages of footnotes. I can’t stress what a great article it is, and it’s free.

It is astonishing the freedoms we as Americans have given up. There were no cops but crimes were still punished, because they attempted to implement to the best of their ability a biblical society. Their system resembled that of ancient Israel. Why have we abandoned what they did? Why are the conservatives now the ones worshiping cops when they should be the most passionate about returning to how things were in this country originally? Because we’ve been duped. We’ve been educated by the government and we’re embarrassingly ignorant of our own history.

3. No one should have extra rights. In some places in history, the king and his representatives didn’t have to live by the same law as everyone else. This is something the founding fathers did not want. Over time, that is exactly what we’ve gotten with police.

The police have been placed under special laws so that they can do police work without getting sued every time they turn around; they bear no personal liability–their judgments are paid by the government under which they operate. I say if they can’t do their job without getting sued, then maybe their job isn’t realistic. They should be held to the same standard as everyone else, and if they do something stupid, they should be personally liable.

4. Police Are Funded By Theft

Most police are municipal cops. They are funded by city sales taxes, lodging taxes etc. What happens if a business doesn’t pay its tax? They will have a lien placed on their property or their bank accounts garnished. They are essentially forced to pay. Most people think it’s wrong to use violence or the threat of violence to get their way. But if it’s a government entity who is using violence to get their way, most people seem OK with it. I don’t get it.

Those who perpetrate this theft will stand before God and give an account. They won’t be able to point to their boss or their congressman or president. They will be guilty and naked before their Creator. That means the sweet old ladies at the county treasurer’s office or the deputies who carry out an eviction against people who haven’t paid their property taxes or ANYONE who works for the IRS are in trouble. I would be scared of God’s judgment if I even mowed the IRS’  grass.

5. Cops Are Abusing The American People

What might happen if there were no armed thugs to walk around making sure bad guys don’t steal purses. Well, it’s been attempted in big cities like New York and small cities. Pandemonium did not ensue. The Lord keeps us safe–not the government.

What should we do instead of forcing taxpayers to pay for the gang of thugs that oppresses them? Arrests should only be made when a court issues an arrest warrant. Anyone can make such an arrest including private bounty hunters. And anyone can arrest a person while committing a crime. All citizens and bounty hunters/private detectives would be held to the same standard. There would be no special class of people under the law. Before police existed in America, Alexis de Tocqueville said that virtually no crime went unpunished.

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