The NYPD turned their backs on the mayor again.

Some police officers in the crowd outside the funeral home turned their backs as Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the funeral for Officer Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn on Sunday.

1. What would happen to someone in the military who turned their back on the president or their superior?

2. What would happen to an employee who turned their back on their boss?

3. What would happen to us if we turned out back on these officers?

4. What happened to Eric Garner when he turned his back on the NYPD?

These guys are hypocrites who demand absolute obedience (even though that’s nowhere called for other than their wild imagination), but can’t even keep themselves from disrespecting the mayor. And this time, they not only disrespected the mayor, but disobeyed the request of the police commissioner.

The other point in this article is that the NYPD made fewer arrests and issued fewer traffic tickets. The purpose of this is not to punish the people of New York, but to punish the mayor and the city’s budget. Chaos didn’t erupt in the streets. People continued to drive safely. To me, it seems all they’ve done is show what a waste of money they are. Fifty percent ought to be laid off tomorrow.

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Another One From Bo

This one is really important.



Our government is a reflection of our preaching; what comes out of our pulpits tells the government how far it can go in destroying liberty without expecting pushback. The real culprits for tyranny are not government agents who do injustice but church ministers who preach non-resistance.


Jesus actually DID resist tyranny, and did tell others to do so. Why would He be killed if He didn’t resist tyranny in one way or another? Was He killed by tyrants because of His obedience to them? Why would a tyrant kill someone who is perfectly obedient and submits in everything?

Resistance comes in many different shades, and not all resistance is armed resistance, and not all submission is obedience. And armed resistance is not excluded, but it is not to be used foolishly either; the rules for war in Like 14:31 apply when we talk about our relation to a tyrannical civil government.

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More From Bo


If De Blasio had Ronald Reagan’s courage, he’d fire every single one of those NYC cops who turned their backs on him. If these cops want others to respect their authority, they should respect the authority over them. By this act, the cops declared to the public, “We want others to obey the law and respect us but we will remain lawless and disrespectful.” They should be fired, their benefits suspended, their right to take another city job taken away; and if the NYC needs to have a police department, they should start building it from scratch, so that this corrupt lawless scum in blue uniforms doesn’t pollute the city with their crimes anymore.


After this there was a decent amount of conversation, here are a few more highlights:

Desmond says, “Don’t get me wrong. Cops that break the law should be punished in a court of law. But think about it. If you fire all those cops you will end up with lawlessness. Trust me no one is in line to be a cop in New York at the moment.
Bojidar responds, “I can’t trust you on that. I can’t see a wave of resignations.
When you fire all these cops, you will take care of a huge part of lawlessness. In the last 10 years, crime has been on decline everywhere in the civilized world, and the only category of crime that has been on the rise is crimes committed by cops. Besides, 90% of the work of the NYPD has nothing to do with crime but with enforcing revenues regulations, collecting money for the city. And those 10% who have something to do with crime have no obligation to prevent crime or to protect anyone, by a court’s decision. By and large, the NYPD was created to serve Tammany Hall, and has never had the function of serving the people or protect them from crime.
So, no, it won’t end up with lawlessness. What it will end up with is the city being forced to change the gun laws for private citizens. And that’s it.
The US didn’t have cops for a long time in its history. Most localities had only the Sheriff, and he was an agent of the court, serving warrants, not “maintaining order.” And everything was alright, and private citizens were doing alright without cops. So you can’t really be “reminded” about that without pointing to the fact that everything was alright without them. You have no “memory” of the US – or any other place – which fell into lawlessness because it didn’t have cops. If anything. lawlessness was created by cops in quite a few places.
The courts seldom hear cases against cops. Prosecutors make sure those cases never pass the Grand Jury – like the two murders of Brown and Garner. When a case reaches the court, the court often does the right thing.
Desmond, “And guys I tend to lean towards a libertarian view. I’m just not keen on the idea a no cops.
Bojidar says, “Such statements bring back memories of Eastern Europe in the early 90s, when the old Communist price controls were still in force and the stores were all empty, and the anti-Communist politicians insisted on lifting the price controls and liberalizing the market. The older generation was terrified, for they had never seen anything else but government controls. So their reaction was, “Can you imagine what it will be without government price controls? The prices will skyrocket and no one will be able to afford to buy anything!”
Well, eventually the price controls were lifted. Within a week or two, the stores were full as never before (waiting in lines was normal under Communism), and the prices jumped a little bit and then returned pretty much to the same level, because of the competition. So everything was alright.
I remember it because my son was 1 year old when the price controls were removed in Bulgaria and we couldn’t buy anything in the stores, no food, no diapers, no clothes.
Respecting a cop for being a person is one thing. Obeying a cop because he is a cop is another thing. Idolizing the cop because he is supposedly fighting crime is a third thing altogether.
By the way, what crime was the cop fighting in the above example of stopping a motorist for a light?

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This Is a Great Answer


I’m going to post Bojidar Marinov’s answer to a question he answered in a Facebook comment.


What is the biblical justification for resisting the governing authorities when they aren’t commanding us directly to sin?


See, the biggest problem with that statement is that it is hopelessly pietistic and unrealistic. It presupposes that you can remain righteous while not doing anything about INJUSTICE. But the Bible says that RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE are the foundation of God’s Throne.

The modern state has a variety of ways to do injustice without forcing Christians to sin directly. Public schools don’t go to the individual Christian and force him to sin. Roe v. Wade doesn’t force the individual Christian to sin. Police brutality doesn’t force any individual Christian to sin. Even in the above example, these cops didn’t make the preachers sin; they just told them to not preach in the park. (There is no specific command in Scripture to preach at specific place, therefore it is not sin to move to another place.) Etc., etc. In all these examples, the state doesn’t force Christians to sin, it just expects them to remain passive in the face of injustice. Well, may be preach and talk against it but never do anything, and never resist. You imagine injustice only as “authorities command us to sin.” But this is hopelessly naive, and the pagan state hopes you will imagine it this way. The reality is, true injustice is, “We will oppress the weak without forcing you personally to sin, and we will do it in your face, and expect you to obey your butchered interpretation of Romans 13 and not resist.”

Find the conversation here.

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Florida Clerks Object to Marrying Homosexuals

A “judge” has decreed that Florida county clerks have to start issuing homosexual marriage licenses. Here’s an interesting story about how some counties are going to stop holding ceremonies since the clerks would object to taking part in the ceremonies.

These clerks who object to performing the ceremonies apparently don’t have a problem issuing the license. I’m not sure how that works. But the end of the story is where Mike Huckabee is quoted saying some of the same things I’ve said. We must disobey when we’re asked to do something preposterous and immoral. Here’s what he says in the article:

Talk show host and former pastor Mike Huckabee stated in September during a conference call with the organization Vision America that Christians need to be more active in resisting evil in the land.

“I would remind people that the judicial branch is not the supreme branch, and the Supreme Court is only the Supreme Court, not the Supreme Being,” he said. “And I feel that we have failed in civics to understand that there are three branches of government, and one can’t overrule the other two, and all three of them together can’t overrule the people.”

“Yet, we have people who say, … ‘The courts have ruled on same-sex marriage, we have to live with it,’” Huckabee continued. “I would suggest no, we don’t. We shouldn’t just accept things that are ungodly and that will cause us to have to stand before God with bloody hands. I think that’s where we’ve failed.”

I call on every clerk in the country to not issue the homosexual marriage licenses. We will all stand before God and give an account for our actions–even the actions that we were ordered by our boss or a judge to do.

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Doral PD Criminal Thug in Blue

This is ridiculous behavior. This old cop thinks he can raise his voice and tell people what to do, and I bet he actually believes that people have to obey him. This might even be the first time anyone has tried to disobey him. That is a shame, and all of us law-abiding citizens need to stand up for our rights. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

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Youtube Conversation

I enjoy discussing Christianity in the comments of Youtube videos. On one video about gun rights, an atheist posted about how God shouldn’t be brought into conversations about rights.

I responded to him and we had a fairly long conversation that was already over, when another guy posted a couple comments saying this video wasn’t the place for this type of discussion. Here’s how I responded:

You said, “Why are we not all focusing on our countries second amendment issues right now?”

1. Laws are based on morality.
2. Morality is based on religion.
3. Laws that have been passed in this country are still based on a morality and a religion–just not Christianity, because of a radical and false interpretation of separation of church and state.
4. Yet The rights found in the constitution are a result of Christianity.
5. The religion being practiced by our government today (secularism) is antithetical to Christianity.
6. Therefore the laws based on that false religion will be antithetical to the rights derived from Christianity.

So just hoping to find common ground with atheists (or any non-Christian) and work together is not really going to solve the problem. We need to return this country to its Christian roots to have any hope of maintaining our rights.

Besides that, why do you care what we talk about?

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Stranger Than Fiction

This guy videotaped the Denver police beating the snot out of a suspect, and throwing his pregnant girlfriend down on her stomach. Then, they stole his tablet, and erased the video he took of them. He was able to restore the video after he got home. The cops never mentioned the existence of the video in their reports, so they clearly deleted it and were hiding it.

The photographer’s friends told him to delete the video and forget about it because the cops would retaliate if he went public with the video. Thank God he did the right thing and came forward. But it turns out his friends were right. He’s been arrested, while the cop who beat up the guy has been promoted. And the Denver PD has issued a statement defending their actions. I sincerely hope these people sue the city to the point of bankruptcy. They’re nothing but liars and thugs.

I’m convinced we need to scrap this system and start over.

Here’s the story.


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