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You Can Hear The Rage

You can hear the rage in this cop’s voice as he behaves completely illegally and unprofessionally. You can skip towards about the 2:20 mark to see what takes place.

This guy has every right to video record and speak freely in a public place. In fact, it is a loving thing for him to do to sacrifice his time to help keep everyone accountable. If the cops didn’t have anything to hide, they’d be happy that there was someone recording. If they had half a brain, they’d realize it’s their job to protect the camera man’s first amendment right.

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Any Progress Made?

I had a short conversation with Tony Miano on one of his youtube videos. For the context of this conversation, Miano was ticketed while preaching at an abortion clinic. He was later tried and found guilty.

Here’s the conversation I had with him. (If you have trouble reading it, you can click on the picture to enlarge it).

Not only does Miano believe there are good cops somewhere, but he believes this cop who trampled his free speech rights in the defense of an abortionist is a good cop who made a mistake. That would be tantamount to a regular, upstanding citizen robbing a liquor store, and saying, “Whoops, I made a mistake. I never really thought through how robbing a liquor store is wrong.” No one would believe that you could accidentally rob a liquor store, or that someone who robbed a liquor store really is an upstanding citizen and not a thief. Knowing that robbing a liquor store is wrong, requires only a kindergarten-level knowledge of morality.

Knowing that protecting an abortionist is wrong is also kindergarten-level morality. For Miano to say this guy was a good cop who made a mistake reveals a huge shortcoming in Miano’s level of discernment.

I quoted Romans 13 to him, which every Christian, everywhere has heard a dozen times as they’re told to blindly obey and honor the wicked, antichrist state. Unfortunately, they seem to never read the last half of that passage which gives the magistrates one job, and one job only–to punish evil. And unfortunately, those who make it that far, still rarely grasp that it is God who defines good and evil (not Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Therefore, what God says is evil, the magistrate is to punish. What should be grasped by everyone who thinks they’ve progressed beyond Christianity 101 is that someone like an abortionist is to be punished by the magistrate.

Abortionists are not punished at all, anywhere in the United States. They are protected under man’s “law” and sometimes even protected to the point that the magistrate breaks the law to protect them as has been done to Miano. Any cop/judge/attorney/juror/prison guard  who protects an abortionist is evil. This is very basic discernment that Christians are supposed to be capable of (Hebrews 5:14, 1 Cor. 2:15), but as is demonstrated by Miano is not happening among most American Christians. There are no good cops, because they’re on the wrong team–the evil team.

The job of the U.S. government as they have defined it, is to protect abortionists so they can peacefully carry out their business of ripping babies apart. Romans 13:4 says their job is to punish abortionists. It should be easy for Christians to agree on this.

Is it possible for there to be good Nazis? Maybe not the guys pulling the triggers or shoving Jews into cattle cars, but what about the Nazi clerk doing a desk job? I wish German Christians had been trained to have a level of discernment capable of being able to tell whether they should work for the Nazis or work against the Nazis. It’s easy for us to point fingers, because we, as Americans, fought the Nazis, and we can easily say anyone who worked for the Nazis was evil.

But I’m saying the U.S. government is every bit as evil as the Nazis, and most people somehow don’t see it. Miano is evidence of that. He claims to be a teacher, but is incapable of simple discernment. Choose this day whether you will serve the antichrist U.S. government or the Lord. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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DUI Checkpoints Are Immoral

There will be DUI checkpoints locally on Superbowl Sunday. 

Any type of checkpoint is immoral as it blatantly contradicts the constitution and God’s law. Here’s why.

  1. If there’s no victim there’s no crime. There is no such thing as the state versus a defendant in a criminal case in Scripture. The state isn’t a victim of a crime.
  2. The 4th Amendment says that you can’t be pulled over without a reason. Checkpoints are pulling everyone over without reason. Of course, the supreme court has ruled that this is legal, but they’ve also ruled that you can own black people and kill babies in the womb and a cavalcade of other stupidity. This is also a biblical principal.

Of course, we all mourn the death of the victims of drunk drivers, but those who are willing to trade freedom for security are worth of neither.

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People Can’t Tell Good From Evil

I can just hear all the “Christians” applauding the border patrol.

At 6:58 he says, “Americans have the right to be free in their own country.” That’s an old wives’ tale. We don’t even know what freedom is. Those who are willing to trade freedom for security are worthy of neither.

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I’m Sick of Dumb Christians

Here’s a quick outline for why open borders is the correct position.

1. Crossing a border is not a sin.
2. Working and doing business–contributing to society– is good.
3. Therefore, a Mexican moving to the U.S. and working is usually good for everyone–the employer, the immigrant and his or her family, the economy and U.S. society.
4. The only argument remaining against this is that they came here illegally.
5. The Constitution gives ZERO power to the federal government to regulate immigration.
6. Any existing laws are therefore unconstituional.
7. Conservatives advocating a wall or immigration controls reveal that they don’t really care about the Constitution.
8. Since crossing a border and working are not sinful and are good, any law limiting immigration is not only unconstitutional, but unjust.
8. Christians quote Romans 13 as if it teaches blind obedience to the government.
9. What it actually says is that government is supposed to praise good deeds (verse 4) like immigration.
10. If you are opposed to free immigration, your beliefs are unamerican, unconstitutional and antichrist.

Freedom, small-government and free markets are the solution. Socialism is not the answer.

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I’m Shocked Again

Tony Miano, who I’ve written about in the past, has his strengths and weaknesses. One of his strengths is preaching the gospel at a murder mill or elsewhere. He was doing just that, and was issued a citation for disorderly conduct. He was tried on that charge recently and found guilty and sentenced to a 30 day suspended sentence.

The  first shocking item is the tremendous stupidity of that judge. While there are many such government employees, the scale of their stupidity always shocks anew.  I’ve said before that while I respect the stand of those who are willing to risk an arrest while doing something perfectly legal, I usually prefer the strategy to work with a lawyer and the city to resolve the misunderstandings of the cops before making myself subject to America’s injustice system.

Public sidewalks are important places for free speech activity. It is the job of police to protect the right of American’s to exercise that God-given right. “Even “loud” and “boisterous . . . religious harangue[s]” constitute speech worthy of protection. See Edwards v. South Carolina, 372 U.S. 229, 233 (1963)”

Here’s the video of Tony being cited, and the second shock comes from the comments in the video.

First of all, I’m disappointed that Miano thanked these cops for trampling his rights and protecting the abortionist. The main shock comes from the stupid comments from Christians.

These commenters lack basic biblical knowledge and critical thinking skills. These cops are protecting a murderer, and trampling on the first amendment rights of an American. These cops are evil dirtbags. They are every bit as bad as Nazi guards standing at the gate of a concentration camp protecting what goes on behind the fence. If that is their job, they must quit! If they attend church they must immediately be placed under church discipline.

First Corinthians 2:15 says the spiritual man discerns all things. These commenters are calling evil cops good. They are unable to discern the most basic things. The level of maturity among Christians in this country is heartbreaking.

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Pueblo Is Ripping People Off

This is an interesting news story on the local news’ website. It’s worth your time to check it out.

After my wife received a ticket at the 50/Norwood intersection, I looked into ways to fight the ticket. If you don’t show up to the court date in the letter they send, they have to have you personally served. We just ignored it, and were never served. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that we live in another county.

But if everyone fought all their tickets, the system would grind to a halt.




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A Seeming Endless Supply of Evil Cops

Cops just keep streaming through the window. Out of all those cops, there is not a single good cop to be found.

For a little bit of background, someone from out-of-state called the cops on these people. The cops were able to see that the allegations  in the phone call (that the woman had injured wrists) were false, but insisted on entering the house anyway, and taking the kids away.

As if all of that wasn’t wicked enough, the cops attempted to erase the video, but didn’t realize the video was uploaded to the cloud.  Thank God!

I hope these people can sue and bankrupt the city.


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