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What Stupidity!

That picture and text is taken from this silly website. Notice especially the highlighted text.

I hate to point out the obvious, but Christ is king. Any church that honors the American flag above the Christian flag is a false church.

I looked this up, because Focus on the Family did just that at a conference recently..

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How Does The Bible Define Anarchy?

I told someone that the cops should arrest abortionists for murder, and they said that would be anarchy. Here is my response. Please check out the link, and take the time to read that important article.

If the Nazi guards at the concentration camps had disobeyed orders to kill Jews, would that have been anarchy? Six million murdered Jews is anarchy. Sixty million dead American babies dwarfs Hitler’s anarchy. The Bible only ever refers to man’s laws as lawlessness, i.e. anarchy. Check out this article.

All unlawful orders must be disobeyed. Abortionists rest easy at night knowing there are no good cops.

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Woe to Those Who Call Tyranny Freedom

Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

Woe to those who call evil good. I see three possibilities for people who are calling evil good.

  1. Deception. They do it because they know they’re evil people and they’re trying to trick you.
  2. Perversion. They think they’re right and good but they are incorrect.
  3. Ignorance. They don’t know what is good and evil, and they are well-intentioned, but wrong. This is the category many Christians are in without knowing it.

It’s kind of a fine line between category 2 and 3.

The point is that there are many conservatives and Christians praising this country saying this is a free country. What they’re doing is calling tyranny freedom and freedom tyranny. Woe to them.

Freedom and liberty are good things. They are a result of God’s law and God wants them for us (assuming He’s not pouring out His wrath). James 1:25 calls God’s law the perfect law of liberty! I’m proud of God’s law. Jesus said the truth will set you free (John 8:32)! If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Let’s go build a free country!

Christians are the only ones who can do it. Everything else is a failed worldview that leads to the tyranny of rule by man’s law. The choice is theonomy or autonomy (God’s law or self law).

Continuing to call this a free country at this point shows that you are ignorant of the teaching of God’s law. You’re willing to call bitter sweet and light darkness. You don’t know your right hand from your left. How do you rectify this fearful situation? Study the perfect law of liberty.

When I say this isn’t a free country, does that mean this isn’t the freest country? Generally, that is the argument from someone when someone says this isn’t a free country. They’ll say, “Well then why don’t you move to another country?” That is a terrible argument.

I don’t know if this is the freest country or not. But the standard isn’t other countries. The standard is the perfect law of liberty. Liberty and freedom are absolutes under God’s law just like good and evil, justice, truth and the laws of logic.

So start comparing what you see in America to God’s law–not to Mexico or Norway. Mature Christians are to be discerning good and evil, right and wrong, freedom and tyranny (Hebrews 5:14). Whatever you do, don’t be calling good evil or freedom tyranny.

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Ann Coulter’s Marxist Line of Thought

Ann Coulter said, “You want a higher minimum wage? Turn off the spigot of low-wage workers pouring into the U.S. and it will rise on its own through the iron law of supply and demand.”

That quote is self-contradictory. If Ann is so concerned about obeying the iron law of supply and demand, why does she still want government interference in the free market? Who is going to turn off the spigot of low-wage workers? Government, of course (cops to be exact). She’s fine with them interfering with the market in that way, but doesn’t want them interfering with the market to raise the minimum wage.

We need a higher level of thinking among conservatives. We need pastors to step up and teach what the Bible teaches on these things. The law of God is a firm foundation for capitalism.

Don’t pretend to be a constitution-loving, free-market, small-government conservative if you support government harassment of non-criminal individuals crossing the border. You’re a Marxist who wants government control of the labor market. You’re just as bad as Bernie Sanders. With conservatives like Ann, who needs liberals?

You have to listen to this short podcast on this topic for a refreshing dose of liberty and capitalism based on Scripture.

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Government Sanctioned Union Thugs

Here’s a story of a guy criticizing red light cameras. The state sent him a fine in the mail.

He is an engineer, but the state of Oregon controls the use of the word “engineer”. This helps engineers with job security and pay rates. They’ve managed to convince the state to give them special rights. In the past, union thugs would go and break people’s bones and threaten and destroy property. Government-sanctioned union thugs just have to send a fine in the mail. Both systems are equally immoral.

There are a million ways that government can show favoritism to certain people. Colorado approves realtors, and realtors have to use their special forms. Realtors get a special dispensation to fill out contracts, which is practicing law. I guess their lobbyists are better than the bar lobbyists, or probably more likely, lawyers don’t want to fill out routine contracts.

Then, there is a box to check on the contract where the buyer can ask the seller to pay for extended coverage title insurance. First of all, title insurance is usually a waste of money. So extended coverage is an absolute joke. But how much extra money do title companies make by selling this extra policy? And how in the world did they get the state to put that little check box on the form that every realtor uses? How many palms got greased?

Can we get a little capitalism and freedom please?

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A Good Point

Here’s a cool t-shirt, and a good comment about it.

Not only do I agree, but I believe it is the only way to defeat the wickedness of our culture like abortion, police, corruption, etc. People can go protest and write legislation all they want, but if 90% of “christian” children are being discipled by government agents, or agents of a bureaucratic denomination, every single one of those gains is going to be crushed a few short years later by the spawn of the beast…that includes votes cast against YOU by the offspring of the local hipster church pastor who he has willingly sent off to public school to be trained in a worldview opposed to yours.

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Conservatives and Christians are the Problem

Liberal states defy the federal government all the time. There are sanctuary cities and states for illegal immigration and there are several states where marijuana is legal in spite of the federal government.

Conservative states could easily and righteously defy Roe vs. Wade and ban abortion in their states, but they’re too sissy. Christians could call on their states and locality to defy tyranny, but have warped the teaching on Romans 13 so badly, that they think it would be a sin to defy the federal government.

It’s time to grow up and start acting as though we actually do believe that babies are being murdered among us. Our government doesn’t bear any resemblance to the government described in Romans 13. The government isn’t doing its job to protect babies from murder.

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Thou Shalt Not Covet a Community Center

A group of people are pursuing the idea of a community center in Canon City.

Good for them. Build a community center. Make a boatload of money off of it. Whatever you do, don’t try to fund it with stolen money.

People can build whatever they want. It’s good to build things that are well-run and serve other people. Profit is a measure of how well you have served others. Christians should be the best at turning a profit, because they should be the best at serving others.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that those who are pursuing this idea would be wanting to raise taxes to pay for it. If that is the case, they will be stealing money from some who have no intention of using the facility to subsidize reasonable prices for those who will use it. Taxation is taking money from people by threats of force. Theft is taking money from people by threats of force.

There is no magical ceremony that can change theft into not theft. Getting 50% plus one to vote in favor of a tax increase isn’t the magical ceremony that makes taxation any less violent.

Covetousness leads to theft, and if these people covet a community center, they are in sin. Voting for any tax increase is to violate the Tenth Commandment.



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