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The Biggest Thieves In Colorado Are Named in the Paper

Civil asset forfeiture is plain old wicked. It is blatant, out-and-out stealing. Some Colorado lawmakers aren’t trying to end it, but to just rein it in a little bit. (That in itself is not the best approach. Theft should be illegal and any concession that theft should be legal under certain circumstances is evil. But this episode reveals a lot of truth in spite of that little fact.)

Here’s the Daily Record article on it.

Prominent cops are bold in saying that they want their thievery to remain unchecked. They have revealed their covetous hearts and their names are named unashamedly in the newspaper.

Pete Carey, Colorado Springs Police Chief

Chip Taylor, executive director of Colorado Counties Inc.

Justin Smith, Larimer County Sheriff

They’re the ones who are named in the article, but I’m sure there are many, many more. Those guys don’t stop theft in their jurisdiction. They and their blue gangs are the biggest thieves.

Cops blindly enforce any and all unjust laws and then use the lame excuse that they don’t make the laws, they just enforce them. Obviously, that’s a lie and a cop out. They have the ear of the governor and lobbyist groups and they can’t claim to be impartial parties. They are a powerful constituency and they make their voices heard.

Justin ends the article saying that if the law passes, “I just simply see a lot of agencies — they will abandon forfeitures.” I certainly hope so.

UPDATE: A similar story appeared in the Pueblo Chieftain. We can add these names to the list of thieves boldly coming out of the thief closet.

Kirk Taylor, Sheriff, Pueblo County

Eric Gonzales, Sergeant, Pueblo Police Department


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Cops are the Biggest Thieves

Civil asset forfeiture is blatant theft performed by cops. The cops are bigger thieves than the thieves. Of course, government in general way outpaces the cops by themselves via unjust taxation and currency manipulation.

Here is a graph from yesterday’s post that bears reposting again and again.

Image result for private theft vs civil asset forfeiture

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Is Government Preferrable to Anarchy

I’ve noticed many instances of people of all walks discussing some political issue have said something like, “Obviously we don’t want anarchy; that doesn’t work; it’s crazy.” I’ve yet to hear any of those people actually defend that position. It’s something everyone seems to just accept as true. But, I’m not so sure.

First of all, the Bible says there is a purpose for government, and I’m not an anarchist. Romans 13:4 says that the purpose of government is to carry out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. And Romans 13:6 says that for that purpose, we can be required to pay taxes, because the government is a minister of God. Notice they are to carry out God’s wrath–not their own wrath. Criminal justice being the only purpose of government places biblical government much closer to anarchy than to the U.S. form of government, which meddles in every aspect of life.

The problem in America is that government in any way acknowledging Christ is unconstitutional. Therefore, they are doing a terrible job, and they’re not carrying out their God-given purpose in any way, except maybe accidentally in some rare cases. My list of grievances would be ten times longer than the list of grievances given to King George III on July 4, 1776. Only a fraction of what we pay in taxes is used for the only biblical purpose given in Scripture.

The bottom line is that our government, at every level, is unbiblical if not antichrist. So, for people to say that our government is preferrable to anarchy is to claim that unbiblical system A is better than unbiblical system B. Maybe they’re right, and maybe they’re wrong, but I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion.

The problem is that man is inherently sinful, with a wicked heart (which includes those currently operating our government). But, thankfully, God does limit the amount of evil that takes place. All humans have God’s law written on our hearts, but I think most Americans, even those that are unsaved, still have at least a partially Christian worldview. I think anarchy would be much different if we were predominantly Hindu, Muslim or atheist, so I’m only going to consider what anarchy might be like in America.

Americans seem to generally obey whatever the government tells them to do, even if it creates injustice. Most people seem to do what they’re told. Less than 50 law enforcement officers in this fairly large county keep more than 40,000 people under control. Of course, bad things happen, and bad people are around, but it is generally peaceful and law-abiding. Is that because our government is so great, or because it’s in our nature, or because we’re predominantly Christian or because we’re all brainwashed to respect government in the schools they operate? I don’t really know, but I don’t think the vast majority of people would go around murdering people or driving recklessly if there were no more government tomorrow. There are some who would, just as there are some who do now.

There are some great things that would happen if government ceased to exist tomorrow. Public school would be gone. Taxation, welfare, Social Security, government interference in business would all be gone. Individual theft might go up without government, but the government is by far the biggest thief. Government theft via unjust taxation and currency manipulation dwarf private theft. Even civil asset forfeiture, which is blatant, legalized theft is greater than private theft. So I’d guess that government being gone would cause a huge reduction in overall theft.

Image result for private theft vs civil asset forfeiture

I suppose the worst fear of anarchy is that roving gangs of thugs would crop up causing all kinds of mayhem. I suppose it’s possible, but Americans are a gun-owning people. We’re not exactly defenseless, and who wouldn’t team up with their neighbors to help protect each other? And isn’t that exactly what we have now? Don’t we have roving gangs of thugs making sure everyone has the correct stickers on their license plate at gunpoint? If you’re scared of roving gangs of thugs under anarchy, just do what they tell you to do, and they might even treat you better than the roving gangs of thugs you mindlessly obey now. Maybe you could offer to buy stickers from them annually at exorbitant rates.

And, just because there wouldn’t be anymore forced payouts for substandard, government-provided security services, doesn’t mean there aren’t free market solutions for security. Why couldn’t my neighbors and I voluntarily pay a security guard to drive around the neighborhood at night? And I’m sure security businesses would pop up to compete for people’s business–providing better service at better prices.

Of course, public school being gone might be the greatest benefit of anarchy. Millions of kids are steeped in antichrist religion seven hours per day. Public school has done so much damage to this country. And the whole thing is paid for by property tax, which is collected via threat of confiscation (robbers stealing from you at gunpoint). The whole system is based on socialism, and has done an excellent job of training most of us to be good, little socialists.

Welfare, food stamps, Social Security, etc. being gone would also be a benefit. Christians are commanded to take care of orphans and widows, but government has usurped that job. We would all be better off if charity and churches took care of people on a case-by-case basis. How much greater would the influence of Christianity be if churches had greater involvement in taking care of people’s day-to-day needs rather than people getting a government check?

On the issue of abortion, anarchy would be bad for the preborn, but obviously, our government isn’t helping so it’s a wash. This is definitely one area that government should be involved in as God’s servants to carry out His wrath on murderers.

There are many other issues to be discussed, but I think anarchy would be preferrable to the government we have. How much worse can that unbiblical option be over the unbiblical option of government we have now?

This is an interesting quote from Alexis de Tocqueville, whose observations come from his time in early America, taken from this worthwhile article.

“At the time of Tocqueville’s observations (in the 1830s), “the means available to the authorities for the discovery of crimes and arrest of criminals [were] few,” yet Tocqueville doubted “whether in any other country crime so seldom escapes punishment.” Citizens handled most crimes informally, forming committees to catch criminals and hand them over to the courts. Private mobs in early America dealt with larger threats to public safety and welfare, such as houses of ill fame. Nothing struck a European traveler in America, wrote Tocqueville, more than the absence of government in the streets.”

Of course, mobs are good if they are righteous mobs. Unrighteous mobs are bad. I think the bottom line is that there is no good form of government for wicked people.

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Interesting Articles From This Week

Deputy Dodd’s theft of evidence becomes an issue in other cases.

Colorado prison guard abuse juvenile prisoners. I guess kids are a little easier for maniacs to push around.

An audit shows that cops have used civil asset forfeiture to pay their own pay and benefit.  Cops are the biggest criminal gang in America.


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The end of private property is the end of America.

This is a big deal. This is what happens in third world banana republics. I thought America was above this. This is grounds for secession.

The 4th Amendment outlaws unreasonable searches and seizures. If this is taken farther by these evil attorneys, it will end investment, private property, and capitalism in America. Where does it end? Regular Americans can have their bank accounts seized. People who aren’t even involved in a crime can have their cars taken. This is a criminal gang in principle no different than Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

This is an 8 hour seminar in New Mexico where attorneys discuss how to more effectively seize more stuff. Here are some of the highlights. Watch each highlight for about 30 seconds or so.

1. At the 1:26:57 mark, he talks about taking a $300,000 house because of a $10 marijuana sale.

2. 5:05:20

3. 1:12:23

4. 1:02:31 to 1:04:30

6. 1:16:28 Don’t feel bad about it.

7. 56:58

8. 2:32:37

9. 1:22:59 We could be czars.

Give me liberty or give me death.

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