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One of the Problems With Public School

I found this quote in my email from several months ago. I will occasionally email myself something I want to post here, but it didn’t say who the quote is from. But here it is. It’s by someone brilliant speaking truth about public school.

The main problem is not the teachers, it’s the system. It’s the way the system is managed and funded, but also the teaching philosophy that teachers must adhere to.

For example, in a subject such as English, we teach how the rules of grammar are true because they reflect the laws of logic. Our obligation as creatures of a God that tells us the purpose of writing is to communicate truth, and truth must adhere to the laws which come from the character of our creator. When a sentence has bad grammar, we can correct it by showing how the sentence does not accurately reflect the character of God. That’s something you can never do in a government school.

End public school!

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Black Robed Regiment

Here’s a quick conversation on Facebook.

Stephen says, “I think you need to get out while you can. I suspect things are going to get really nasty in the USA, and Texas will not be immune to it, no more immune than elsewhere in the US. I would never have believed I would say this a few years ago, but I think things will be worse in the USA than parts of Europe, worse that the UK. I can hardly believe I am saying it, but there appears to be an authoritarianism, born of a largely unrecognized teutonic influence in America, coming to the surface in the USA that will end up being as bad as anything Europe had in the 20th century. I have been told this for many years by an American friend who insisted that I did not undertand the teutonic influence in the USA (I was first told about this by my friend nearly 30 years ago when it seemed incredible and the USA was a different place or at least seemed to be). I thought he was woefully mistaken. I do not think this now. I think he understand perfectly. Come to Britain while you can. We shall quite possibly be leaving the EU in year or so, and after that your chances of getting in, unfortunately, will diminish.”


Here’s how Bojidar Marinov responded,

“Well, yes and no. Don’t forget that these things don’t happen in the UK only because the government has won this war there. The reason the new totalitarians are so violent in the US is because there is still a spirit of resistance here.”

“At its very bottom, the really fundamental conflict in the US is not in the society, the people vs. the government. The fundamental conflict is in the church: the preachers vs. their listeners. And it is a war of deception, not a war of arms. The listeners in the churches are fully aware of what is happening in the society; they are still blind to the fact that their own preachers are accomplices of the enemy and are charged with the task to keep them down while the government advances its agenda. What most outside observers – and most American Christians as well – often miss about the US is how much this nation is driven by what’s preached from the pulpits. The statists know it very well, though, and that’s why they have worked so hard to capture the pulpits. And I am not talking about the liberal pulpits here: The pulpits in the so-called “conservative” and “Reformed” churches are just as much accomplices to statism as the liberal and the Charismaniac churches.”

“The solution to America’s slippery slope to statism and tyranny is actually very simple: purge the pulpits of any preacher who doesn’t preach righteous rebellion against unjust authority. Yes, even the celebrities. Yes, even those that are otherwise orthodox and preach really good sermons on the doctrines of grace or the five points of Calvinism. And even those that are good men and wonderful pastors. If they fail to take the right side in the great conflict of our day, they are useless and even dangerous. Kick them out. Replace them with preachers who will fearlessly oppose the Beast. Restore the Black-Robed Regiment.”

“The solution to Britain’s spiritual problem is not that simple. In Britain, it will take longer, and will take more steps.”

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Wisdom From Bojidar


Referring to a Facebook conversation where someone said their pastor was saying public school is just as good for Christians as homeschooling, Bojidar said:

My rule of thumb is this: If he pulls the “pastor” card, Biblically, he is under greater judgment, and therefore the standards of logic and Biblical faithfulness are stricter for him. He can and MUST be judged harsher than those who are not pastors, and therefore dealt with mercilessly in a discussion where he shows unreasonableness and makes heretical statements. I have zero compassion for pastors who use their position to earn themselves a higher ground in a discussion.

Pastors in this country have been a little too comfortable for far too long, because the ordinary church members have not applied Luke 12:48 [But the one who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, will receive a light beating.Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.] to them.

No wonder we don’t have lesser magistrates protecting us in the civil realm. We have neglected applying the same principles in the church. We need men who will step in the breach and make interposition between the congregations and their evil, tyrannical, heretical, or incompetent pastors and elders. Before we lead the way in the church in raising lesser magistrates, we won’t have them in the civil government.

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Encouragement for the Day


Bojidar Marinov says, “Every single positive change in history starts with change in our hearts, and change in the pulpit. Which means, concerning the standing occupying army of police, we need to first change our hearts and trust God that maintaining a social order is not the same as having a standing army for terrorizing the population. Then we need to purge the pulpits of any preacher who supports the existence of police, or the existence of any other tyranny. At the very least, do not support with your money pulpits which support tyranny.

Once preaching is changed, the change in the culture will come very quickly.”

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Police Are Unconsitutitional


Bojidar Marinov said:

Well, first of all, I would recommend that police doesn’t exist. Neither the Bible, nor the Constitution allow for the existence of a standing army of executive privilege to harass civilians. Warrant-less arrests must be abolished – except in the case of preventing a crime – and constitutional order restored, where only a court order or verdict can legalize arrests. The very concept of the right of police of arresting people on executive decision by the cops themselves is immoral, and is also against the Constitutional order envisioned by the Founding Fathers. It is a typical totalitarian measure. The US didn’t have police until corrupt Democrat politicians created it, and before America had police, “hardly a crime was left unsolved or unpunished” (de Tocqueville).

Second, there are enough methods for THREE persons to detain ONE person without inflicting pain. Police, though, is specifically trained to inflict pain – first, because it satisfies their sadistic impulses, and second, because it is a religious statement of domination. Police was specifically created to establish a totalitarian domination over the population.

Third, most of the “crimes” today are actually violations of some illegal and unconstitutional government policy. Until the War Between the States, the government was never a party in court cases. There was no government policy to enforce, and people were free. Police came with the big government, and remains exclusively an instrument of big government. The safety and security of the people has been and can be maintained without police.

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Great post from Bill Evans

America is dying from systemic decay extending across a broad front, and overlapping many issues. Abortions by the millions are not merely performed, it’s tolerated and more, codified as a right. Sodomy is not merely legalized, but celebrated. Efforts by a few to resist evil locally are prosecuted as crimes. Yet these are but symptoms.

Meanwhile, careful sermon preparation, to insure proper exegesis and delivery goes on. God’s people must understand some nuance of the TULIP or baptism while their children attend Caesar’s schools, receiving 40 hrs/week of training in Total Depravity. Churches have become all but irrelevant as salt and light. Civil government, with its ten thousand rules, codes, regulations, has all but been deified. Church congregations remain pleasant, insulated, and unprepared and unwilling to fight, intellectually, much less physically, the war of worldviews that is upon us. Pulpits are filled with nice, polite, pastors instead of angry, Holy Spirit filled leader-warriors. The church triumphant has become the church recumbant.

May the Lord quickly send the tribulation and persecution we desperately need to stir us from our fatal ease! Will Christ indeed reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet? To be sure, but America a think, will not be around in its present form to observe it. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. The next enemy to be destroyed may just be America, along with her myriad of 501c3, tax-exempt religion dispensary franchises. Any tree that does not bear fruit… Truly, pending revival, for which we must earnestly pray, this nation will be destroyed. Is this tragic? Does it undermine our confidence in Gospel Victory? Not at all! It will be merely a case of the Lord of the Harvest, pruning and destroying the unfruitful branches.

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