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More Loser Cops

For all of you who are tired of me posting stuff about the cops: I’m going to attempt to explain it.

There are hundreds of instances coming out of cops acting illegally, harshly and in an unjust way. Every video I post is a fellow human being, created in the image of God, being abused, killed, harassed or stolen from by the government.

A majority of Americans having video cameras in their pockets and having the ability to upload it for all to see is something that has only developed in the last few years. We’ve seen people killed on some of these videos. Maybe this type of behavior has been going on for decades (Rodney King incident, 1991), it’s just that people videotaping it is new. I think a better question than, “Have cops gotten away with murder because there was no videotape?” is “How many cops have gotten away with murder because there was no videotape?”

These cops are on a power trip. And the supposed vast majority of good cops aren’t standing against this injustice. As Christians, we are to be concerned with justice. God’s throne is built on justice (Psalm 89:14). I keep posting these videos, because cops dealing out injustice is not a rare occurrence. I bet I could post videos at least 40 hours/week and not run out of things to post. I realize that few have time to watch a bunch of videos and I don’t have time for that either.

My conservative and Christian friends should be alarmed about these government agents trampling people’s Constitutional rights. Conservatives are the ones who love the Constitution, and hate big government, right? Maybe we only love the 2nd Amendment. (Newsflash: the 2nd Amendment isn’t to protect our right to hunt, but to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. I’m not the crazy one on that–blame the revolutionists who founded this country) Am I the only one concerned that there is a domestic army driving around to make sure people are wearing their seat belts, don’t break the speed limit, and make sure our papers are in order?

I hate to even suggest it, but maybe most Christians don’t care because a lot of the recent high-profile killings have had black victims. Maybe they’re just enough not-like-us that we can’t find it in ourselves to get too worked up about their murder? I don’t know. I’m struggling to figure it out, but I’m concerned about anyone who is more outraged with looting than they are with murder. Christians are supposed to care about people, since their souls and the Word of God are the only things on this earth that are eternal.

So, how many videos do I have to post for people to believe that there is rampant injustice in this country? If these instances come about from a small minority of bad apples, where are the good cops calling them out? I only hear cops, unions and cop worshipers defending them.

When Muslims blow something up, not hearing an army of peaceful Muslims say terrorism is un-Muslim makes us doubt the existence of peaceful Muslims, right? Well, I’m starting to doubt the existence of good cops. Prove me wrong by sending me the boat-load of links to the good cops standing up to the few bad apples.

Anyway, here’s another video with some insane, power-tripping, loser cops expecting the slaves to obey their order to leave a public street. How dare those taxpayers expect a little decency out of a public servant! For those of us who have submitted to Christ as Lord, watching people be treated in an unjust way is supposed to make us angry. That is righteous indignation–RIGHTEOUS indignation. If you don’t feel indignation after watching this, I hope that your chains rest lightly on you.

Just watch the last minute from 15:35 to the end. And may this video be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of conservatives’ cop worship.

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The Real Issue

This is a 1:38 video where the border patrol agent did nothing especially harmful. The driver didn’t answer any questions but didn’t get his window smashed in. All’s well that ends well, right?

But hereĀ is the issue. Americans have the right to travel freely through this country without being harassed by the government. This guy is wearing a taxpayer-purchased uniform and is costing Americans at least $40,000/year with benefits–probably much more.

He is a drain on American productivity. He produces NOTHINGĀ of value. He is only a drag on the economy. That would be one thing if he were off in a cubicle in an office somewhere not bothering people. But he has the gall to think that it’s the right thing for him to do in life to harass people who are doing valuable things with their time.

People doing useful things for our economy have to slow down from 65 miles per hour to talk to this loser. That costs gas and time. Sometimes there are lines waiting to talk to these dorks. The whole thing is a travesty and a waste.

Christians who are employed by the border patrol should be encouraged and offered assistance to find a more productive line of work by their churches. Those who refuse to quit working for that agency should be placed under church discipline.

The videos where these agents beat and arrest someone are reprehensible, but what is just as wicked is when a law-abiding American has to pull over and talk to these idiots even if it’s only for just a few seconds.

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