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From Pastor Matt Trewhella

In case you were wondering, it’s not just me saying all of this stuff about how terrible the police are. There are bona fide Christian leaders who are saying this stuff.

I don’t know if you watched any of the video Jeff Shirton, but the people involved did nothing but film – some for people they didn’t even know. No concern for their mistreatment? No concern that police routinely lie – and lie to cover for each other’s unjust behavior? No concern that legislators in various states are making laws to further help them cover their unjust and wicked deeds?  I have had the police lie about me or others many times when arrested for our efforts on behalf of the preborn. They have erased our videotape to cover their wicked deeds. One time I was looking at 20 years in prison for the charges the police made up against me – all lies. The only thing that saved me from their lies was someone videotaping from about 75 yards away that they did not know was filming. Their video showed their lies – and the prosecutor released me with all charges dropped.

Concerning the situation that I speak of on this post, I was looking at 4 years in prison – all based on lies by the police. I simply filmed another pastor who asked me to because of the unruly officer. I stood about 15 feet away; never said one word; never raised one finger; the officer never said anything to me but approached me and beat me to the ground. Other officers arrived. They took me to the squad car and several beat me there before putting me inside it. The officers then made up a lie. The first one said I approached him and he warned me to stop and that I had an unidentifiable object in my hand (the old ‘I thought he had a gun routine’). The others covered for him and said I was so unruly it took four of them to take me to the squad car and that I fought with them there. I never did. I was handcuffed. I simply had to take their beating. They spent an hour at the police station with me cuffed saying filthy things about Jesus to me and mocking my Christian faith. Once processed to the sheriff, they then tried to confiscate my video footage, but I had already released it to friends. Why did they want it? To erase it. It showed I was telling the truth.

What they didn’t know was that my daughter had taken about 20 still shots of them walking me from where the first cop beat me to the squad car – showing there were not four officers restraining me in my unruliness but I was just walking with one officer gingerly holding my wrist while the other 3 followed about 5 feet behind. The also did not know that someone was filming them about 100 yards away showing them kicking and beating me at the squad car – and me doing nothing but taking the beating.  There is SO much more I could say about this story – but in the end, after a 3 day trial, I was found “not guilty” of my charges. During my ordeal, I was contacted by three people who had been brutalized by that police department. My lawyer also found numerous reportings against their behavior including a death. This IS a problem – and attempts to stop the lawful recording of police in public can only be meant to further evil. A big part of the problem is the type of training law enforcement receive in this country.

You don’t care about this man who is facing 42 years in prison for simply filming the unjust/wicked actions of the police Jeff? And this is the problem, the “good” officers cover for the bad. There were 15 officers on the scene when I was beaten and charged – yet not one came forward to say it was a lie. In fact, several stood on the stand in court and lied to help their fellow officer. And not only that, but the police chief, the city attorney, and the district attorney all became involved and joined in the cover-up; to get me convicted and the officer exonerated. The only thing that kept me from prison was a just judge. I was fortunate – most are not.

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Bad News

I have some bad news. I was found guilty at my speeding ticket trial today. The cop did a really good job of presenting his case, and didn’t screw up the things I thought he might.

I also screwed up a little bit on the jurisdiction line of reasoning. Rather than say, “Why do you believe the law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado?” I said, “How do you know the law applies to everyone in Colorado?” He said because he has peace officer certification. So that tripped me up a little, I got side tracked by that and asked a few questions about that rather than going back and rephrasing the question. Obviously, the law applies to everyone in Colorado because he’s a peace officer is a misunderstanding of the question, and I blew it.

I eventually got him to admit that the peace officer certification is based on the law, and the right to pull me over is based on the law, but the judge stopped that and said something like, “I wanted to give you some leeway on that line of questioning, but the court determines what law applies.”

So to the judge, I said, “Can I ask you a question, then?”

She said, “You can ask, but I may not answer.”

I said, “What is the legal reason for why that law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado?”

She said, “I’m not going to answer that question.”

So I asked several questions about the tuning forks, and I cited a case that said the tuning forks have to be proven to be reliable for radar evidence to be valid.

Ultimately the judge said that the cop’s testimony about eyeballing my speed would be enough to convict me, regardless of what the radar gun said.

There is some good news. The trial took 30-45 minutes, and there were three cops sitting around waiting for the trial, so they were off the streets for that long. There were also two clerks sitting there the whole time. So, it cost them much more than the $190 they got out of me.

But the question of why the law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado goes unanswered. There is no answer, and the system is based on a blind faith religion, albeit an antichrist religion.

We will go on pretending that the laws given us by half-wits in Denver is sacrosanct.

I hope I never get another ticket, but I would like to do better next time.

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Cops are the Biggest Thieves

Civil asset forfeiture is blatant theft performed by cops. The cops are bigger thieves than the thieves. Of course, government in general way outpaces the cops by themselves via unjust taxation and currency manipulation.

Here is a graph from yesterday’s post that bears reposting again and again.

Image result for private theft vs civil asset forfeiture

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Interesting Articles From This Week

Deputy Dodd’s theft of evidence becomes an issue in other cases.

Colorado prison guard abuse juvenile prisoners. I guess kids are a little easier for maniacs to push around.

An audit shows that cops have used civil asset forfeiture to pay their own pay and benefit.  Cops are the biggest criminal gang in America.


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Does This Make You Ashamed?

The government shouldn’t be stopping Americans asking for their ID. ID, registration and insurance have nothing to do with whether someone is drunk. The purpose of this DUI checkpoint is clearly more than just to determine whether a driver is drunk.

The guy in this video is a better American than anyone who kow tows to the cops.


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Interesting Comment

I came across a comment on Facebook that got me thinking. It’s from an anarchocapitalist:

The idea is not to dismantle the U.S. government. The idea is to teach people a system of morality that is universal; that “don’t steal” and “don’t kill” applies to everybody. Once people everywhere, all over the world, understand this basic concept and would cringe at the idea of ruling, taxation and war then all governments will dissolve on their own. Spreading anarchism is a bottom up approach not a top down one.

The part where he says, “The idea is to teach people a system of morality that is universal; that “don’t Steal” and “don’t kill” applies to everybody.” caught me. That is a very good summation of the Great Commission.

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20).

Jesus said to teach the nations to observe all that He has commanded. The anarchist says we need to teach people universal morality, and even mentions two of the Ten Commandments. I don’t know if he’s a Christian or not, but universal morality can only come from the God of the Bible.

The job of Christians is to teach the nations all the He’s commanded, but we have done such a terrible job of that. Our problem seems to be four fold:

  1. Christians seem to root for the Republican regardless of how far from the Bible  he is.
  2. The commands of Christ are equally applicable to individuals as to the government, but rather than apply biblical morality to government, we twist Romans 13 to teach that we should obey whatever evil command government comes up with. Government becomes the law giver, and we end up with no king but Caesar.
  3. Pastors warp Romans 13 to teach that we should obey government almost no matter what, when in reality, Romans 13 is dynamite laid at the foundation of tyrannical government.
  4. The antinomian bias of American Christianity means many of us don’t even know what right and wrong is. How can the world know what universal morality Christ has commanded if Christians don’t even know? It’s our job to teach it, but we have to know it before we can teach it.

This reminds me of what Bojidar Marinov said. He’s speaking specifically of police, but it applies to all areas of tyrannical government:

“Every single positive change in history starts with change in our hearts, and change in the pulpit. Which means, concerning the standing occupying army of police, we need to first change our hearts and trust God that maintaining a social order is not the same as having a standing army for terrorizing the population. Then we need to purge the pulpits of any preacher who supports the existence of police, or the existence of any other tyranny. At the very least, do not support with your money pulpits which support tyranny.”

I’m ashamed to say it, but I believe Christians are to blame for the tyranny we are suffering under, because we are no longer preaching biblical morality. We need to do better.

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Not Everyone Is Fully Human, Right?

How many jokes have you heard about dropping the soap in the jailhouse shower? I’ve heard many, and often they’re told by people who are making the point that if someone breaks a law, they deserve whatever they get. If you don’t want to suffer homosexual rape in jail/prison, don’t commit the crime. However, being sodomized is not a just punishment for any crime.

This is so important that I don’t see how Christians are not all over it. Justice is an absolute. Absolutes come only from God. It’s impossible to speak of justice apart from the absolute standard of justice provided in God’s law. Anytime someone utters something about justice, they’re demonstrating that they’re created in God’s image.

Christians can know what justice is. How is this not a huge selling point for Christianity? How are we not proclaiming justice from the rooftops? But not only are most Christians not giving the life-giving solutions found in God’s laws to our dying society, we join in with non-Christians in misunderstanding and mocking Old Testament laws.

I don’t know Fremont County Sheriff Jim Beicker personally, though I believe he is a regular church-goer. He is accused of covering up the abuse and death of an inmate in his jail. Those who say that criminals get whatever they deserve, probably love Beicker all the more.

However, the punishment for whatever crime this inmate received was not the death penalty, or medical malpractice, or whatever. It is the job of the sheriff to keep inmates alive and safe while depriving them of their freedom.

Of course, it is possible that the just sentence for whatever crime this guy committed was the death penalty. The Bible gives the death penalty to murderers, adulterers, kidnappers, rapists, blasphemers, and those who revile their parents. If he wasn’t convicted of any of those crimes the proper course of action for the civil magistrate is to make him perform restitution.

Whatever crime he committed, he was treated as if he was subhuman, and a Christian like Beicker is supposed to treat everyone, even convicted criminals like they’re created in God’s image.

We all have God’s law written on our hearts, and this terrible situation is an opportunity for Christians to pluck those strings on their hearts to convict the local civil magistrates, and show them what they ought to be doing, and what God expects of them.

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Biblical Illeteracy

A knowledgeable Christian cop posted this:

I’ve discussed the general error of this meme before, but I ran across it again, and thought I would point out another error it puts forth.

When discussing government, many Christians will quote Romans 13 to you as if that is an argument in itself. Romans 13 defines the purpose of government. Biblical government has one purpose and that is to punish criminals. It’s not the government’s job to protect anyone.

For a knowledgeable Christian to espouse an unbiblical purpose for government shows the level of knowledge among American Christians.

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