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Mexico Is More Free Than the U.S.

He makes so many good points in this video.

It’s time to consider moving to a free country, or at least becoming a perpetual tourist in a free country. America isn’t free, and anyone who spreads that falsehood is either confused or lying. There isn’t freedom for the unborn and there isn’t freedom for anyone else. As he referenced in another video, you have to jump through hoops to buy milk. Give me a break.

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Bad News

I have some bad news. I was found guilty at my speeding ticket trial today. The cop did a really good job of presenting his case, and didn’t screw up the things I thought he might.

I also screwed up a little bit on the jurisdiction line of reasoning. Rather than say, “Why do you believe the law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado?” I said, “How do you know the law applies to everyone in Colorado?” He said because he has peace officer certification. So that tripped me up a little, I got side tracked by that and asked a few questions about that rather than going back and rephrasing the question. Obviously, the law applies to everyone in Colorado because he’s a peace officer is a misunderstanding of the question, and I blew it.

I eventually got him to admit that the peace officer certification is based on the law, and the right to pull me over is based on the law, but the judge stopped that and said something like, “I wanted to give you some leeway on that line of questioning, but the court determines what law applies.”

So to the judge, I said, “Can I ask you a question, then?”

She said, “You can ask, but I may not answer.”

I said, “What is the legal reason for why that law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado?”

She said, “I’m not going to answer that question.”

So I asked several questions about the tuning forks, and I cited a case that said the tuning forks have to be proven to be reliable for radar evidence to be valid.

Ultimately the judge said that the cop’s testimony about eyeballing my speed would be enough to convict me, regardless of what the radar gun said.

There is some good news. The trial took 30-45 minutes, and there were three cops sitting around waiting for the trial, so they were off the streets for that long. There were also two clerks sitting there the whole time. So, it cost them much more than the $190 they got out of me.

But the question of why the law applies to everyone in the state of Colorado goes unanswered. There is no answer, and the system is based on a blind faith religion, albeit an antichrist religion.

We will go on pretending that the laws given us by half-wits in Denver is sacrosanct.

I hope I never get another ticket, but I would like to do better next time.

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How About This?

Here’s an idea for peaceful secession.  Someone opens a small office somewhere, and puts a sign up saying, “City Hall”, “County Courthouse”, “State Capitol” and maybe even “Capitol of the United States of America”.

The current government is based on circular logic. The law applies to you, because the law says it applies to you. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. The law of the new government will apply to me because the new law says it will apply to me. In reality, it should apply, because it will be a government submitted to Christ, and His law applies to everyone.

The beauty of some dinky, cheap little office is that that is what government is supposed to be–dinky and cheap. What we have now is a grandiose, expensive monstrosity. The Pueblo County courthouse is like a cathedral with beautiful paintings, a great rotunda, gold leaf (I don’t know if it’s gold leaf or gold paint). I would guess the clerk and recorder’s office has 25 foot ceilings.

The inside of the [state capitol] building is adorned with what is believed to be the entire known supply of Colorado Rose Onyx, a rare rose marble from a quarry near Beulah, Colorado. White Yule Marble from the quarries near Marble, Colorado, was also used throughout the building for the floors.
Fremont County has a beautiful, though slightly less luxurious building. But the Colorado state capitol is an ostentatious building. It dwarfs the Pueblo County Courthouse and it is dwarfed by government buildings in DC. Government ought to be small and plain. Every piece of gold leaf in the state capitol was purchased with stolen money.

So, if this office to be opened would be an alternative government to the existing monstrosity. There would be no taxes. It would not be executive (making laws) but strictly judicial as Romans 13 explains. The only purpose of government is to punish evildoers. Not to issue currency, build roads, educate children, help the poor, etc.


The Declaration of Independence says it is our right to institute a new government. That is their document. That is what they’ve based their government on. They have no other basis. They’ve abandoned the Lord Jesus Christ as a basis.

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Another Idea for How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket


I’ve discussed this argument in the past as a presuppositional refutation of American government (at least the American government of the last 50-100 years which has declared Jesus Christ to be unconstitutional). But I’m going to discuss how it would be applied to get out of a traffic ticket. This argument has been successful in getting people out of tickets, and I’ve stolen it lock, stock and barrel from Marc Stevens. You should check out his website and Youtube channel.

For my recent ticket I was planning on using yesterday’s argument, and if that was not successful, I was going to use this argument. The argument is that the cop who wrote the ticket and the law he cited you under don’t have jurisdiction over you, or at least that they have to prove jurisdiction to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of a crime.

It is a pretty simple argument, and here’s how it might go:

You ask the cop for evidence or facts to show that the law applies to you.

The only thing he can really say is that the law applies because the law says it applies. You would then point out that that is an invalid answer, because it is circular reasoning. And then you would repeat the question. When he isn’t able to answer, you would move that the case be dismissed for lack of evidence of jurisdiction.

To further explain the issue, I would give an example. You could take a notebook and write “Sam’s Law for the state of Colorado” across the front. Then you write in (in very nice handwriting), “Law 1-1a: This law applies to everyone in Colorado.”

Why doesn’t Sam’s law apply to you (assuming you’re within the boundaries of the state of Colorado)? An enforcement agent of Sam’s law would say, “Look at Law 1-1a. It clearly says it applies to you.” But Sam’s law can’t apply because Sam’s law says it applies. That would be circular reasoning. In reality, Sam’s law is every bit as valid as the laws of the state of Colorado. It’s just that Sam’s law doesn’t have thousands of armed enforcers willing to kill you.

If you check out Marc Steven’s website, linked above, you will see that this technique has worked to get people out of tickets and other legal attacks.

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Ideas For Getting Out of a Traffic Ticket


I’ve been to court to evict tenants in the past. While waiting for my case to come up, I’ve seen two different traffic tickets coming up for trial. On both cases, the defendant won. The system says you’re innocent until proven guilty. If you put forth a plausible argument, you’ll be found not guilty (in my experience).

This bears out because they try at every opportunity to get you to pay up and go away. They offer to deduct fewer points if you pay quickly. They offer a plea bargain if you show up to plead not guilty. They want to get you to pay up and go away so they don’t need to pay a judge and a cop to conduct a trial. They count on the fact that you don’t want to take time off of work, and you only get a few traffic tickets in your life, so you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re intimidated by the process so you just do anything to get out of it.

Here’s how the two people I saw win their trial won. I can’t remember exactly what the charge was in the first trial, but the guy’s defense was that the bush was blocking the stop sign. So the judge found him not guilty.

The other trial I saw, the guy had a lawyer. The state patrolman presented his case, and the lawyer said, “Does the state rest its case?”

The judge asked the state patrolman to answer the question, and he said that he had rested his case.

The lawyer then said, “I would ask that the case be dismissed, because the state never identified my client as the accused.”

The judge said, “Your client came up when I called the case.” The lawyer kind of just shrugged, and didn’t really say anything. The judge was silent for 30 seconds or so, and said the case is dismissed.

I would always attempt that defense. If the judge doesn’t go for it, you move on with whatever else you had. I think as long as you can offer any plausible argument, you will be let off.

That being said, some people hope for the cop not showing up. I guess there is always that possibility, but the cop has always shown up in my experience. Actually, I remember a third trial where a guy got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. He didn’t show up, but the cop did show up. He was found automatically guilty and got a $50 fine.

It would be my guess that their policy is that the cop always shows up to avoid getting the reputation that if you fight the ticket you might get off easily.

I think at this point, our goal as patriots and secessionists would be to make it as difficult for government as possible–make our compliance as costly as possible. Only comply at the last moment right before the cop shoots you or they’re going to cost you more than you get out of it. Fighting a traffic ticket is one way to fight them.

I have one more method to try at a trial, that I know has been successful, though I haven’t personally witnessed it. I’ll discuss that tomorrow.

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What To Do With a Traffic Ticket


I recently got a speeding ticket from the Colorado state patrol. First of all, the cop says that if you pay the full amount of the ticket within 20 days, they will deduct fewer points.

I tried to look up how many points I might have, and I could find very little information. I couldn’t even really find general information about how many points I might have, much less my specific situation. So who cares about how many points are on my driver’s license?

I’ve only had a few tickets and I’ve always just paid them. I decided to fight this one and see what happened. I looked up the laws and the laws for minor traffic infractions are pretty simple. I read the whole thing, and they have simplified things down to laymen’s terms, and the whole process operates for laymen. Here are the laws for Colorado. It starts in Rule 1 and goes through Rule 18. You can’t play Monopoly without knowing the rules. How could you fight a traffic ticket without knowing the rules?

The first step is a hearing where you plead guilty or not guilty. The cop will not show up for this. I thought I’d be appearing in front of a judge, but it was just a clerk in the clerk’s office. But just for showing up, they offered everyone a plea bargain. My $170 fine and 4 point ticket was reduced to $72 and 2 points. I wussed out and took it. It was hard to pass that offer up.

But, reading the rules made sense out of some of my experiences in seeing how things work. I’ll write a couple of articles on ideas for how to get out of a ticket completely and how to gum up the works.

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Great Idea!

These people handled it great! Don’t let the government into your house without a warrant. It’s amazing to watch a guy fly off the handle when Americans exercise their constitutional rights. Men have died for those rights, but it is the government’s duty to get people to surrender their rights.

But what should be done about it? I suppose the people could file a complaint about a cussing cop. That will go nowhere, but at least it might cost them a little bit of time and effort. Here’s something us regular people can do.

Let them know that we want to hold them accountable. If you live near where an episode of police abuse takes place, go down to the police department and ask questions. Go to the city and ask questions. Email the city council and ask what they’re going to do about it.

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What Should I Do?

If the article I posted on Friday was the first time you were exposed to that information, I hope you are in shock. The whole system, down to the cash in your pocket is a fraud. It is all completely unbiblical.

doi3I realize that can be a hard pill to swallow. It’s been hard for me, as it’s no longer possible to be a patriotic American. Independence Day is no longer a day of celebration but a day of mourning and repentance.

But the question is now: What should we do? The purpose of this blog is to work toward secession from this wicked country. That is the ultimate goal, but sometimes I see how even the people in this conservative county act, and I get discouraged at how far away people are from the truth.

So if we can’t secede as a group today, what can we do personally, and to help work toward that goal?

  1. We need to buy gold, silver and bitcoin.
  2. Buy guns and ammo.
  3. Take your kids out of public school.
  4. Plan for a retirement apart from social security, so you don’t have to accept their stolen money.
  5. Get the Cell 411 app on your phone (free) to help eliminate your dependence on police.
  6. Spread the gospel by preaching, conversation, tracts, online, etc.
  7. Film the police and keep local government accountable.
  8. Try to work outside of the system as much as possible (hire illegal immigrants, do remodeling without permits, etc.).

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