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Good Conversation

I wasn’t planning on posting this, but these conversations have had a habit of being deleted lately, so I decided to start saving them. This one got deleted, so you can read it below.

I have seen so many shocking comments in conversations on this topic. This Patty Armfield Witkowsky woman is someone I thought was a Christian (I could be wrong about that), but you can see she has no concept of the golden rule, what the Bible says about how to educate children, the antichrist nature of our government and public school (Matt. 12:30) or seeing covetousness as a sin. And I don’t really blame her. You could sit through thousands of hours of sermons in the typical church and never hear anything about these topics. No wonder our country is going down the tubes when we have ignorant Christians and ignorant pastors. This woman’s soul is at stake, and her pastor is heinously negligent.

In another conversation a woman said, “I will never understand the grouchy people who don’t understand this concept!” The concept being that we should invest in our children’s future by voting for this socialist ballot initiative. I’m no psychologist, but I would say the inability to show a little empathy is a sign of some sort of disorder. She really can’t understand why someone might disagree with her and not care to be threatened and forced to pay for a cause they don’t believe in? It seems pretty simple to me.

And in some deep recess of Patty’s mind the thought sprung that people refraining from eating dinner out  is going to help business. She must have been publicly educated.

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Property Tax is Theft

So there are at least two tax hikes on the ballot for Canon City. One is a property tax increase for the school district…for the children. I’ve posed this objection several times, and no one has answered yet, because there is no rational answer. Here’s the objection, and the response of someone who is normally reasonable, logical and successful in life.

His response is that voting gives the government the ability to steal. I don’t know whether voting turns stealing into not stealing, or just means that government can steal. But what a silly answer. Clearly this is a religious view for him. He thinks there is some sort of magic that takes place at an election that causes property tax to be acceptable.

Pastors need to be talking about this from the pulpit. There is stupidity in America, because pastors are not doing their job. They’re not preaching against covetousness and theft, or explaining that the government is accountable to the law of God.

The second tax hike is a lodging tax, and someone went around and put up an obscene number of bandit signs around town. The slogan on the signs says, “The tax someone else pays.” I hope there is a pastor in this town that points out the obvious violation of the golden rule being promoted on those signs to every man, woman and child in this town, but I’m not holding my breath.

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What is Covetousness?

The Tenth Commandment is, “You shall not covet.”

I mentioned recently that I’m starting to recognize a lot of covetousness in the public sphere. For a long time, I didn’t really comprehend what covetousness is. I would define it as wanting something so badly that it is a sin, or being willing to steal something, or prompt someone else to steal it. The woman in that post certainly demonstrated covetousness. I will give some other examples.

I went to a Planned Parenthood rally yesterday in Colorado Springs to remind them that abortion is murder with several friends. The Colorado Springs socialists showed up, and they were kind of like Antifa wannabes. One dude covered his face with a bandanna, they blocked the sidewalk, and stole signs.

They said that they want to seize the means of production so that it can be owned by the workers. The one young guy said he works 40-60 hours a week for $25,000 and his eeeeevil boss makes hundreds of thousands by owning the company and exploiting him. He covets more free time and money to the point that he wants the government to steal the means of production from the current owners.

Another example of covetousness was a letter to the editor during the last election over the issue of whether the Canon City sales tax should be raised to pay for new roads. A guy wrote that he wants new roads, and the sales tax would be a way for out-of-towners to help pay for them. He revealed his sinful covetousness to the whole town.

I can’t remember the last time I heard a pastor explain this. What if Christians were taught to apply the Bible to their politics and voting? What if the guy who wrote the letter to the editor knew that Christians would immediately recognize his sinful attitude? Why does he feel no shame in expressing his sin in public? Because Christians haven’t taught God’s law.

There are enough Christians in this country that if covetousness in politics was taught to be a sin, very few tax increases would ever pass again. Is covetousness in the voting booth less of a sin than covetousness in day-to-day life?

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He’s A Raging Socialist and Doesn’t Realize It

Here’s this short and sweet conversation from Facebook on a conservative group. This guy is a socialist, and he doesn’t even realize it.

He clearly doesn’t get it. He thinks that taxes are his generous donation, and I’m the stupid one. This is not a rare conversation on that group. This one is more succinct than most, but there are people who consider themselves to be good conservatives who are actually raging socialists. They are the problem with this country.

Social security seems to be a hot button for many of the people receiving its benefits. I don’t know how old this guy is, but that was his main issue. I think that receiving or depending on that government check in the mail will make you blind to certain facts. It is important that we don’t accept the bait of government “gifts” as much as possible, because there seems to be a hook hidden in them.

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Wicked Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a bigot who votes against people on the basis of their religious beliefs.

He did to the guy exactly what he’s accusing the guy of. That is the kind of absurdity and hypocrisy that rejecting Christ leads to. Bernie’s brand of socialism is wicked because it is based on government theft, and appeals to the covetousness of the people.

I try not to spend too much time on federal politics, but I will take a moment to expose stupidity at any level.

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The Religion More Violent Than Islam

Here Mark Zuckerberg touts his religion saying that we ought to have universal basic income in this country. People can tout their religion all day. The problem is that in Zuckerberg’s religion they are willing to kill those who don’t bow down and participate.

He’s perfectly free to give away his money to whomever he wants. But he doesn’t want to do that. He wants the government to do it for him. Not only that, but he wants to use the force of the state to make everyone participate in his scheme whether they want to or not.

No Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, JW, Mormon or Muslim has ever held a gun to my head or issued a credible threat of further violence if I don’t participate in their religion. However, every day I face those threats from one religion: statism. One of the fundamental blind-faith beliefs of the statist religion is that an immoral act can become a moral act if performed by the government. If this act passes through the magical religious rituals of getting the right people to vote on it or sign off on it, an immoral act becomes a moral act.

I’m sick of it. Zuckerberg can do what he wants with his money. He has a zillion dollars, but it’s not enough. He covets more money. He wants the money of others to enact this scheme, to the point that those who refuse will be jailed and murdered if they resist. I think he’s a reprehensible person, and his religion is the most evil on earth.

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I Think This Would Work

Image may contain: text

I hate taxation. The Bible says that the only valid taxation is to punish evil (Romans 13:4-6). But, if people would donate for something, then that is voluntary, and therefore isn’t theft.

I think the above example, is not the best example, as government preventing the free movement of non-criminal people is Marxism. However, it could work for roads, parks, utilities, etc.

You may be wondering what the response is to the question in the meme. Here is just a sample.

I’m sure there are some no votes, but there are 3000 comments on this post, and the vast majority are yes. These idiots want to donate to the federal government, who forces them to pay thousands of dollars every year–one of the most poorly-run organizations in the history of mankind.

I would donate for certain projects/causes that are currently operated by government monopoly, if the government got out of the way, if the people who were running the project were accountable for how good a job they did.

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Christians are the Problem

An older guy who is truly a very kind person, and has an official (though unpaid) position at my church posted the following.

With friends like this who are confused and distorting the truth in such a way, who needs enemies? This guy is smart, and a knowledgeable Christian.

If social security was insurance, it wouldn’t be paid out to everyone. But it is mandatory to pay in and everyone collects who lives past a certain age.

Image result for first woman to collect social security

We also know it’s not insurance, because the first people to collect barely paid anything in. “The first monthly payment was issued on January 31, 1940 to Ida May Fuller. She paid a total of $24.75 into the Social Security System. Her first check was for $22.54. After her second check, Fuller already had received more than she contributed over the three-year period. She lived to be 100 and collected a total of $22,888.92.”

Social security is theft. It is not insurance. It is a Ponzi scheme. Government is the enemy of Christians. It is antichrist. That is the tidbit of truth that Christians are missing. There is no city, county, state or federal agency that is not an enemy to Christianity, free markets, and the truth.

Many baby boomers, like the man who posted the meme, are fond of mocking millennials. Millennials are probably worthy of mockery along with every other generation, but baby boomers are the real problem. Even the good ones defend socialist programs like social security.

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Ten Difficult Truths

You probably won’t hear this from many pulpits, but the Bible teaches these truths. If you want to learn more, I can help point you in the right direction. These have not been easy pills for me to swallow, and I suspect they won’t be easy for most others, but Christians are to be truth seekers and tellers, regardless of the consequences.

  1.  The U.S. government at every level is antichrist. It is your enemy.
  2. The U.S. dollar system/federal reserve is sinful.
  3. Public school is a sin. Sending your kids there is a sin.
  4. The American law enforcement system is sinful and needs to be abolished.
  5. Drugs aren’t illegal under God’s law, and only tyrants are in favor of them being illegal under man’s law.
  6. Taxation is theft, voting for a tax increase is a sin.
  7. To have government agents controling the border is sinful.
  8. Requiring driver’s licences, building permits, liquor licences, business licences and on and on is a sin.
  9. Prison/jail is an unjust, wicked punishment.
  10. The U.S. has fought many unjust wars, and having a standing army is a judgment from God.

I’m not offering my opinion. These items are biblical truths. You are sinning if you send your kids to public school, are in favor of closed borders, support police, are in favor of keeping drugs illegal, vote for tax increases, etc.

These are controversial topics, but like I said, I’d be happy to explain why these items are true from the Bible.


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Eric Bolling Has Drunk the Kool-Aid

I guess people’s perspective on the level of oppression is relative. Some people apparently think that if you’re rich, you can’t be oppressed. Were the Israelite slaves oppressed in Egypt? They had leeks and onions back in Egypt (Numbers 11:5). Maybe some people can be bought off.

If you’re a government farming the people, and you want to maximize your income, you shouldn’t tax them at 100%. Communist regimes fail. So, maybe they’ve figured out that current tax rates are near optimal, where people remain happy and comfortable, and the government still makes a lot of money. I don’t know.

All I know is there is an absolute standard in God’s law, and the U.S. government violates that standard. It doesn’t matter whether we’re better off than others. It only matters that they are violating God’s law, and we need to stand against them.

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