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Freedom Will Win

There’s a lot of things to get down about. The thing that is most depressing to me is that Americans don’t know what freedom is and don’t seem to care.

However, the Christian worldview, with freedom and capitalism being part and parcel of it, will be victorious. The march of time and technology will benefit us, and here is one such example that makes me exited and optimistic.

The government will henceforth always will be powerless to control guns.  Want to do something for freedom today? Buy one of these machines and start making guns.

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The Best Thing You Will Read All Week

Click on the picture to read the article from FEE.

Bojidar Marinov posted the article above about how closed borders (the position of Republicans, Democrats and the vast majority of idolatrous, American Christianity) is the socialist position.

A guy objects to the fact that immigration controls are socialist by saying, “Yeah, well we no longer live in a time of peace, border control is necessary….”

Bo says, “It’s the other way around. We don’t live in a time of peace exactly because of the same ideology which also promotes closed borders. As long as we have closed borders, we will have no peace. God doesn’t grant peace to those who rebel against His Law.”

Kiss the Son, lest He be angry.

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Ten Difficult Truths

You probably won’t hear this from many pulpits, but the Bible teaches these truths. If you want to learn more, I can help point you in the right direction. These have not been easy pills for me to swallow, and I suspect they won’t be easy for most others, but Christians are to be truth seekers and tellers, regardless of the consequences.

  1.  The U.S. government at every level is antichrist. It is your enemy.
  2. The U.S. dollar system/federal reserve is sinful.
  3. Public school is a sin. Sending your kids there is a sin.
  4. The American law enforcement system is sinful and needs to be abolished.
  5. Drugs aren’t illegal under God’s law, and only tyrants are in favor of them being illegal under man’s law.
  6. Taxation is theft, voting for a tax increase is a sin.
  7. To have government agents controling the border is sinful.
  8. Requiring driver’s licences, building permits, liquor licences, business licences and on and on is a sin.
  9. Prison/jail is an unjust, wicked punishment.
  10. The U.S. has fought many unjust wars, and having a standing army is a judgment from God.

I’m not offering my opinion. These items are biblical truths. You are sinning if you send your kids to public school, are in favor of closed borders, support police, are in favor of keeping drugs illegal, vote for tax increases, etc.

These are controversial topics, but like I said, I’d be happy to explain why these items are true from the Bible.


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What Are Christians Smoking?

There has been a lot of cop worship on Facebook from Christian friends lately. Christians aren’t supposed to be into idolatry, but we all have our blind spots. I’d like to respond to a couple of memes in hopes of limiting the idolatry in the future.


First of all, no one has ever said the government or cops want large groups of people dead. They don’t want to kill their source of funds.

But, they are the biggest thieves around, by far. They’ve stolen more from me in unjust taxes than any thief could ever dream. I’m much more worried about their thievery than any amateur thief.

As far as death squads roaming the streets if police stopped patrolling, that wouldn’t happen. The American people are armed. Criminals rarely break into houses with people in them, because they’re much more likely to be shot.

Furthermore, as hard as it is to believe, police aren’t the only option. I can hire private security. If my neighbors were to go in with me, it would become cheap per household to have a guy patrol our block at $12/hour with a gun and a marked car. In fact, he would be able to provide a much better response time, and do it more cost effectively because entrepreneurs are motivated by profit to serve their fellow man in a more cost-efficient manner than government. And private security can’t force me to pay for their service if I don’t want it.

Finally, there have been times when police have stopped patrolling and there was no mass-devastation, or any devastation from gangs of criminals roaming the streets. To say that we would all die if cops left us unprotected is nothing more than government PR, BS, and idolatry.


This one is just as preposterous. Did they protect me from thieves? No, they use threats of violence to steal thousands of dollars from me every year. Did they protect Alton Sterling and hundreds of other victims of police murder every year? No, they murdered them. Did they protect the rights of drivers on the roads who harmed no one? No, they write thousands of tickets per day for “crimes” with no victim to generate revenue for their government.

I had a discussion with an older Christian man who was making fun of Canadian health care, and calling them socialists for their health care system. I pointed out to him that Canadians are only socialist on one more thing (and with Obamacare we’re equal) than Americans. I listed off a few examples including fire services, security services, public schools, and social security. He said, “I don’t mind paying for things like police.” I regret that I was too polite with him. I should have called him an outright commy socialist. The problem with socialism is that people are forced to pay for things they don’t want. He doesn’t want health care from the government, so he’s pissed that he is being forced to pay for it. But, he wants police services from the government, so he’s OK with forcing me to pay for it.

Police need to be abolished. They are the criminal gang. They are the thugs with their colors.

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Union Thugs

Did you know that you can’t run an electric cable or a water line in Colorado without getting a permit? I can maybe see if they were truly concerned with safety how some people might think that’s a good idea. But safety isn’t their main concern. Their main concern is pleasing the trade unions.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, they inspector looks at every little bit of the project. You have to leave the drywall off the walls for them to inspect, and every bit of it has to be accessible. So, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re working on your own home, your business or investment property, or getting paid to work on someone else’s property. They can and do inspect the entire project. If you make a mistake, they will find it.

But unless you are a licensed plumber or electrician, you can only get a permit as a homeowner for your personal residence. Furthermore, with a homeowner’s permit, you have to personally do all the work. You can’t hire a laborer to help you. Why is that? Because the unions have lobbied the state to make laws to benefit themselves. This is nothing but job security for tradesmen. It makes the state inspectors nothing more than union thugs.

One of the most famous rackets of the mafia is to force people to use union labor. They do this by applying force (or threats of force). “Mr. Majestyk” is a great movie with Charles Bronson (filmed partially in Canon City) where a bunch of mobsters tried to force Charles Bronson to use their laborers to harvest his melon crop.

The state inspectors have the guns and threats of violence of the state backing up their whims. They are free to act like the mafia with thinly-veiled threats. Their job isn’t to do the right thing to serve the people of Colorado, but to protect the unions. What the mafia did illegally has been legalized and placed in the hands of a wicked government. The state saw what the mafia was doing and became jealous.

I’m all for safety and doing things right. But the Bible defines the job of the state. It’s only job is punishing evil–not protecting wildlife, issuing currency, building roads, or inspecting buildings. The free market and God’s law offer better solutions than the coercion of the state.

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What Religion Is Acceptable?

Here Shepard Smith is complaining about how Christians want preference over Islam, and want special treatment.

Of course, he would argue that government should give no preference to any religion. But that just isn’t possible. Every country must have laws. Laws are based on morality and morality is based on religion. Our government is based on religion whether we acknowledge it or not.

Murder is illegal, and whatever reason you give for that, ultimately leads back to your religion. As a Christian, murder is wrong and ought to be punished by death, because that’s what the Bible says.

An atheist might say murder ought to be punished by the government, because that will minimize murder in our society and lead to more human flourishing. I agree with what is said there, but I would ask why does an atheist want humans to flourish? Desiring human flourishing is a religious belief that they believe without reason. It is their blind faith, and I’ve had that conversation with dozens of them.

A Muslim gives his Muslim answer to the question and a Buddhist gives his Buddhist answer and a nice, well-meaning person gives their religious answer. I’m not accusing any of them of desiring murder, but I’m just pointing out that everyone has a religious answer to the question.

To pretend that government is secular is to deny the obvious. Government is one of the most religious institutions ever devised.

And not only is morality religious, but so is science, logic, knowledge, truth and many other things. You can’t write a sentence without making religious presuppositions.

Therefore, it is silly to go on pretending that government can be neutral. We need to quit playing games and decide what religion the government ought to operate under. Whose morality we are going to use? Let’s just be open and honest about it. If decisions are made by a majority vote, then the people are the god of our system.

I’m a Christian, and Christianity is the only worldview that doesn’t lead to self-contradictions and absurdity. I advocate Christianity to be the basis for our government. It was the basis in the past, and it leads to truth, freedom and prosperity. At this point, this country is running on the fumes of the Christian worldview our forefathers left us. Our only hope is to return to that. It needs to be openly acknowledged in the Constitution and that is one of the errors the framers made.

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Impassible Borders and Strong Conservatism

I’ve had to wait in line at the Canadian Peace Arch border crossing for three hours. How many billions of dollars, just in lost productivity of people, is wasted at this one crossing every year?

Every single one of the 16 Republican presidential candidates is for keeping illegal immigrants out. They’re choking up the welfare system, don’t you know? Republicans want the welfare system to be strong and vibrant!

Are they listening to what is coming out of their mouths?

But Carly Fiorina is kind of wishy washy on Trump’s wall idea. She said, “Border walls aren’t particularly effective.”

On Twitter, someone asked Ann Coulter whether the Great Wall of China worked, and she said, “I’m so glad you ask. Yes it did! So does Israel’s wall, China’s wall w/ N.K., etc. Carly not sure wheels work.”

I said, with no response from her of course, “The Berlin Wall and North Korea’s wall with South Korea worked, too. But capitalism involves free movement.”

I don’t understand why conservatives want to keep cheap labor out of this country, and keep government off our backs. That’s the whole reasoning behind conservatism is free markets and small governments, but I guess conservatives have been duped on this issue.

I’ve heard a saying before, “Where people and money don’t cross borders, armies do.”

These are must-see videos on the topic.

Keep the government off our back! They have no business controlling who comes or goes.

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Disobey Stupid Laws

I’ve written about this before with abortion, but here’s another real world example ripped out of the headlines. This county clerk in Kentucky is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

doi5Will this woman expose all the Christian men in her county to be a bunch of sissies? She has the courage to stand up against evil. What about everyone else? She needs cops, bankers and county commissioners to help her break the law. If she is just all by herself, she’s going to lose. Evil judges are just blowing hot air without people to carry out their orders.

If a judge says something stupid, do we just do what he says? Aren’t the people who blindly obey a stupid order also stupid? How about we just stop doing stupid stuff?

I don’t know exactly what the consequences of her continuing to refuse to issue licenses will be, but there are three possibilities that I can think of.

  1. She could be arrested and thrown in jail.
  2. She could have personal assets forfeited.
  3. Assets of her employer could be forfeited.

There is no judge that will go down and arrest her. No judge is going to show up at her house to auction it off. A judge won’t hold a gun to the head of a banker to have them clear out her accounts.

The cops don’t have to do any of that. No one can make them do any of those things. Bankers don’t have to do what they’re told. They can throw stupid court orders in the trash.


People don’t have to obey unjust laws. Cops don’t have to; county clerks don’t have to. Not only do we not have to, but we shouldn’t.

Start disobeying unjust laws. Start with yourself. Find a preposterous law, and break it. Encourage others to break preposterous laws.  Because, if you blindly obey stupid laws and orders, you’re stupid. We all need to work up more courage to do what’s right, including me. “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe” (Proverbs 29:25).

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Is Prison Biblical?


But Florence is in the news again. You can see some scenic pictures of the barbed wire. 

The three biblical options for punishment in Scripture are:

  1. Restitution and penalty paid to victim.
  2. Less than or equal to 40 lashes.
  3. Death Penalty.

There are no other options.

Kent Hovind was released from prison and gives all kinds of horrible stories of injustices occurring in prison. The last thing we need to do is break up families, but 85% of prisoners are divorced while in prison. He is against the war on drugs, as putting a large percentage of the population in prison is just exacerbating the problem.

It boils down to doing things God’s way or doing things our way. Doing things our way is idolatry, but it is profitable for a season.

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Good Cops Don’t Remain Cops for Long

Good cops can’t blindly follow orders to enforce wicked laws. Most of the laws in this nation at this point are wicked laws. When a cop acts righteously, he won’t remain a cop for long, because to be a cop, you must act unrighteously.

Here’s an example of a good cop in this video. You can see how the wicked cops responded. They were embarrassed. They arrested him and fired him.

So much for good cops. How many times has a good cop stepped up since Chet Gallagher did? I seriously doubt there’s more than 10, and sadly I’d be willing to bet that most of them weren’t Christians. Many of the remaining wicked cops think they’re Christians. They must start acting righteously, which will lead to their immediate firing or face church discipline for shirking their duty to stand for God’s law.

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