Confused Pastors

I know a guy who is a pastor in town, and has been a Christian for decades. I’m not all that young anymore, but this guy has had formal Bible education and has a lot more experience in life and in studying Scripture than I have. You would think this is someone that I could look up to and find answers from–not someone I would have to be offering correction to. Furthermore, I think that today, and hopefully for the rest of my life, that if someone offers me a logical correction that includes a lot of Bible verses that I will be open to hearing them, no matter how much younger they are.

And it’s not like his generation (or him personally) has it all together and they’ve been so successful in accomplishing so much for Christ. They (and their predecessors for generations now) have stood by and watched our culture rot. They have been miserable failures. They have zero cause for cockiness or thinking they have it all figured out.

Larry Weaver, the pastor of the First Baptist Church, has come out in favor of this property tax increase for the school district. I pointed out to him that public school is antichrist because of what Jesus said in Matthew 12:30. My comment disappeared.

I wrote him a message saying it looks like my comment was deleted and that was fine, but I’d like to discuss this issue because there are serious biblical issues with this. He wrote me back and said that he didn’t delete the comment, his friend hid the comment. I don’t really know what the difference is, but there’s that clarification. Neither has the comment reappeared, so I don’t think there’s any difference. He said he’s not interested in discussing it with me online or in-person.

In his message, he said that there are enough Christian teachers doing good work that he doesn’t consider the school system to be antichrist. Well, that’s nice, but I don’t remember having any openly Christian teachers in my time in public school. Maybe the whole thing has been completely Christianized since then (ha, ha, ha). Also, public school is funded by socialism and theft–things frowned on in Scripture. If Christian teachers are taking advantage of a socialist system to advance Christianity, they’re attempting to advance Christianity by the sword, by government power. If they’re not attempting to advance Christianity, they’re advancing humanism.

I also pointed out the injustice of property tax and I said that anyone who votes for this is guilty of covetousness, which is covered by the Tenth Commandment. If someone personally objects for whatever reason, the people voting for this are in favor of using government force to make them pay. They aren’t standing up for the weakest among us, but for the principle that might makes right. It’s disgusting to me.

And the vast majority of Christians think that we can vote however we want  on issues like this. They think that Scripture must not dictate and we shouldn’t get into politics. But the truth is that every area of life is moral and religious and a spiritual man is able to discern the truth, and judge rightly by God’s standard (1 Corinthians 2:15-16). Pastors and the previous generation have failed us miserably, and there are very few who can judge properly.

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