DUI Checkpoints Are Immoral

There will be DUI checkpoints locally on Superbowl Sunday. 

Any type of checkpoint is immoral as it blatantly contradicts the constitution and God’s law. Here’s why.

  1. If there’s no victim there’s no crime. There is no such thing as the state versus a defendant in a criminal case in Scripture. The state isn’t a victim of a crime.
  2. The 4th Amendment says that you can’t be pulled over without a reason. Checkpoints are pulling everyone over without reason. Of course, the supreme court has ruled that this is legal, but they’ve also ruled that you can own black people and kill babies in the womb and a cavalcade of other stupidity. This is also a biblical principal.

Of course, we all mourn the death of the victims of drunk drivers, but those who are willing to trade freedom for security are worth of neither.

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