Independence for Fremont County!

On May 20, 1775, more than a year before the Declaration of Independence, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina declared independence from the British. They were the only county in America to do so, and they had good cause. The British had attempted to confiscate American weapons in Lexington, Massachusetts the month before, and many of the other good reasons would be outlined in the official Declaration of Independence signed the next year.

North Carolina state flag. 5/20/1775: Date of Mecklenburg County Secession. 4/12/1776: Date of Halifax Resolves in which NC declared independence from the British.

The date of Mecklenburg’s declaration of independence is commemorated on the North Carolina state flag and state seal, but there is some disagreement as to exactly what the declaration said as we no longer have the original. Regardless, a county declaring independence is an interesting idea.

The course of action I endorse is for Fremont County, Colorado to declare its independence from the United States and to become the independent nation of Fremont. I seek only to live in the peace and liberty the founding fathers envisioned and spent their blood to secure.

Working for the Secession of Fremont County from the Union