List of Grievances

The list of grievances in our day is much longer than the list of grievances outlined in the Declaration of Independence. What the USA does and allows is also much more wicked and tyrannical than King George III could have ever imagined.

We face warrant-less wiretaps, extrajudicial drone strikes, no-knock warrants, militarization of police, civil forfeiture, the surveillance state, the welfare state, fiat money, crony capitalism, executive orders, abortion, dictatorial family courts, exorbitant taxation and gay marriage.

Americans are like the frog placed in the pot containing cold water on the stove. Once the heat is turned up, the frog remains until he is boiled to death.

The people have never drawn a line in the sand telling the government this far and no farther. There has to be a line drawn. I wish my grandfathers had drawn the line. I wish my father had drawn the line. Since they haven’t, it falls to me to draw the line. I can’t look my sons in they eye and say, “This country is just a little worse off than it was when I was your age. You have a little less freedom than I had. But, I lived comfortably, so it was worth it.” God forbid!

For a more exhaustive detailing of the long train of abuses we face, please check out the blog on this website. Many people who I respect have said that we should be thankful for what we have in this country. I agree. This is still the best place to live in the world. But the standard of comparison isn’t other countries. The standard is the Word of God. We need to strive to correct the abuse and murder of our neighbors and stand for justice wherever injustice is found.

Working for the Secession of Fremont County from the Union