One of the Problems With Public School

I found this quote in my email from several months ago. I will occasionally email myself something I want to post here, but it didn’t say who the quote is from. But here it is. It’s by someone brilliant speaking truth about public school.

The main problem is not the teachers, it’s the system. It’s the way the system is managed and funded, but also the teaching philosophy that teachers must adhere to.

For example, in a subject such as English, we teach how the rules of grammar are true because they reflect the laws of logic. Our obligation as creatures of a God that tells us the purpose of writing is to communicate truth, and truth must adhere to the laws which come from the character of our creator. When a sentence has bad grammar, we can correct it by showing how the sentence does not accurately reflect the character of God. That’s something you can never do in a government school.

End public school!

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