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Independence Day is just a few days away, and I’d like to think a little bit about how the whole thing came about. There were 13 colonies, and they chose delegates in various ways. There was nothing magical about these guys. There was nothing magical about how they were chosen to imbue them with special powers. There was no magic number of delegates from each state that gave them special rights to speak for their jurisdiction or for a new country.

What if a few states, counties, neighborhoods or households got together and chose a few people and they went off to discuss what to do about the tyranny we face? There would be nothing magical about them. They would have no special powers. There might even be people in their jurisdictions would disagree with what they were saying. But they would have just as much right as the founding fathers.

They could, just as easily as the founding fathers, choose to throw out their government, and institute a new one. That is a right that the founders cited in the Declaration of Independence. We must still possess that same right. Government is a business like any other, and it is immoral for them to provide any service at gunpoint. Might does not make right.

The cause of the founding fathers was blessed by God, because they were underdogs suffering under a “long train of abuses and usurpations”, and they had a righteous desire for self-determination. Well, I know plenty of people like that, and if they had their act together, they can do the same thing.

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