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I’ve lived in Canon City my whole life. It makes me sick to think of where this country is headed. The solutions are in God’s Word.

Eric Garner Is An American Hero

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I wrote about Eric Garner when he was choked to death on the street for selling loose cigarettes and resisting arrest. His murderer, an NYPD officer, was found not guilty, of course. I’ve been thinking about it off and on ever since.

So many people (mostly brain-dead conservatives and Christians) hold the theory that you should never resist arrest, yet nearly seem to worship the founding fathers who resisted arrest attempts of British authorities.  There is no reconciling this in any logical fashion. Shockingly, it is vogue among Christians who have seen this contradiction to say the founding fathers were in sin. Regardless, both camps would hold that anyone resisting arrest today gets whatever they deserve.

Eric Garner was placed under arrest for selling loose cigarettes. The main issue is that he was not paying the proper taxes. The question is whether that is a just law or an unjust law. Justice is an absolute, and the only basis for determining whether a law is just is to compare it to the standard of God’s law. Certainly, under God’s law, this was neither a crime or a sin. Therefore, Garner had every right to resist his arrest, for this law was nothing more than tyrants making up arbitrary laws based on their own idolatry.

I certainly wish that Garner hadn’t died that day, but as far as I’m concerned he’s an American hero on par with the founding fathers. He stood alone against tyranny. I hope that someday there will be streets named after him.

American conservatism and Christianity seems to be anything but conservative or Christian. I hope that someday all of these duped “conservatives” will recognize their inconsistency and pastors will start preaching the whole counsel of God’s law.

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What is Covetousness?

The Tenth Commandment is, “You shall not covet.”

I mentioned recently┬áthat I’m starting to recognize a lot of covetousness in the public sphere. For a long time, I didn’t really comprehend what covetousness is. I would define it as wanting something so badly that it is a sin, or being willing to steal something, or prompt someone else to steal it. The woman in that post certainly demonstrated covetousness. I will give some other examples.

I went to a Planned Parenthood rally yesterday in Colorado Springs to remind them that abortion is murder with several friends. The Colorado Springs socialists showed up, and they were kind of like Antifa wannabes. One dude covered his face with a bandanna, they blocked the sidewalk, and stole signs.

They said that they want to seize the means of production so that it can be owned by the workers. The one young guy said he works 40-60 hours a week for $25,000 and his eeeeevil boss makes hundreds of thousands by owning the company and exploiting him. He covets more free time and money to the point that he wants the government to steal the means of production from the current owners.

Another example of covetousness was a letter to the editor during the last election over the issue of whether the Canon City sales tax should be raised to pay for new roads. A guy wrote that he wants new roads, and the sales tax would be a way for out-of-towners to help pay for them. He revealed his sinful covetousness to the whole town.

I can’t remember the last time I heard a pastor explain this. What if Christians were taught to apply the Bible to their politics and voting? What if the guy who wrote the letter to the editor knew that Christians would immediately recognize his sinful attitude? Why does he feel no shame in expressing his sin in public? Because Christians haven’t taught God’s law.

There are enough Christians in this country that if covetousness in politics was taught to be a sin, very few tax increases would ever pass again. Is covetousness in the voting booth less of a sin than covetousness in day-to-day life?

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He’s A Raging Socialist and Doesn’t Realize It

Here’s this short and sweet conversation from Facebook on a conservative group. This guy is a socialist, and he doesn’t even realize it.

He clearly doesn’t get it. He thinks that taxes are his generous donation, and I’m the stupid one. This is not a rare conversation on that group. This one is more succinct than most, but there are people who consider themselves to be good conservatives who are actually raging socialists. They are the problem with this country.

Social security seems to be a hot button for many of the people receiving its benefits. I don’t know how old this guy is, but that was his main issue. I think that receiving or depending on that government check in the mail will make you blind to certain facts. It is important that we don’t accept the bait of government “gifts” as much as possible, because there seems to be a hook hidden in them.

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One of the Problems With Public School

I found this quote in my email from several months ago. I will occasionally email myself something I want to post here, but it didn’t say who the quote is from. But here it is. It’s by someone brilliant speaking truth about public school.

The main problem is not the teachers, it’s the system. It’s the way the system is managed and funded, but also the teaching philosophy that teachers must adhere to.

For example, in a subject such as English, we teach how the rules of grammar are true because they reflect the laws of logic. Our obligation as creatures of a God that tells us the purpose of writing is to communicate truth, and truth must adhere to the laws which come from the character of our creator. When a sentence has bad grammar, we can correct it by showing how the sentence does not accurately reflect the character of God. That’s something you can never do in a government school.

End public school!

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A “Good” Cop

I want to show you what a “Christian” cop posted in response to this terrible incident.

Here’s the “Christian” cop’s comment:

“Do you know the whole story on this incident? I know I don’t. Perhaps your hatred of cops in general accounts for your bias. Proverbs 18:13”

This is the problem with police. They have a bias towards themselves (the people they feel a bond to). I suppose we all do, but are we willing to defy logic in the course of defending them?

What would happen if thousands of cops publicly called this dirtbag cop out (via the internet)? What would happen if cops started rooting for cops who committed murder to stand trial and go to prison? What would happen if they started caring about the victims of police brutality?

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Shocking and Horrible Reactions

Happy Independence Day, slave.

I ran across this on Facebook. I wanted to show these shocking responses from police and their supporters. These people are sick and uneducated.

I’ll start with the original post, and then show some of the comments.

Have you ever thought about how the Declaration of Independence led to the patriots killing cops?

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What Stupidity!

That picture and text is taken from this silly website. Notice especially the highlighted text.

I hate to point out the obvious, but Christ is king. Any church that honors the American flag above the Christian flag is a false church.

I looked this up, because Focus on the Family did just that at a conference recently..

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Independence Day is just a few days away, and I’d like to think a little bit about how the whole thing came about. There were 13 colonies, and they chose delegates in various ways. There was nothing magical about these guys. There was nothing magical about how they were chosen to imbue them with special powers. There was no magic number of delegates from each state that gave them special rights to speak for their jurisdiction or for a new country.

What if a few states, counties, neighborhoods or households got together and chose a few people and they went off to discuss what to do about the tyranny we face? There would be nothing magical about them. They would have no special powers. There might even be people in their jurisdictions would disagree with what they were saying. But they would have just as much right as the founding fathers.

They could, just as easily as the founding fathers, choose to throw out their government, and institute a new one. That is a right that the founders cited in the Declaration of Independence. We must still possess that same right. Government is a business like any other, and it is immoral for them to provide any service at gunpoint. Might does not make right.

The cause of the founding fathers was blessed by God, because they were underdogs suffering under a “long train of abuses and usurpations”, and they had a righteous desire for self-determination. Well, I know plenty of people like that, and if they had their act together, they can do the same thing.

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A Covetous Tyrannical Witch

What a wicked woman! The more I think about it the more covetousness I see in the public sphere. You have to watch all the way to the end of this 1:43 video. She’s upset because she can’t crush this guy like she crushes everyone else. Even when poor people beg her not to crush them, she still does it.

I like the guy’s strategy. Use their own system against them. I hope it didn’t cost him as much as it cost the city. I don’t think it would be too hard to do things like lawfare more efficiently than the government, but I don’t know.

Make every step of the way more difficult for them. Never comply the first time. Fight them as much as possible. Cost them as much money as possible.

Here’s more info on this story.

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