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I've lived in Canon City my whole life. It makes me sick to think of where this country is headed. The solutions are in God's Word.

A Covetous Tyrannical Witch

What a wicked woman! The more I think about it the more covetousness I see in the public sphere. You have to watch all the way to the end of this 1:43 video. She’s upset because she can’t crush this guy like she crushes everyone else. Even when poor people beg her not to crush them, she still does it.

I like the guy’s strategy. Use their own system against them. I hope it didn’t cost him as much as it cost the city. I don’t think it would be too hard to do things like lawfare more efficiently than the government, but I don’t know.

Make every step of the way more difficult for them. Never comply the first time. Fight them as much as possible. Cost them as much money as possible.

Here’s more info on this story.

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Blowhard Cop

There are countless examples of this kind of thing. If you’re not suspected of breaking a law, the cops can’t arrest you for not providing ID. This cop says otherwise. So is he lying or is he ignorant? Who knows, but either way he should be fired for harassing people.

Whether the cop is lying or ignorant, he’s attempting to take away your rights. The job of police is to take away your rights. The government PR is that they’re here to protect us, but that is obviously false. If you believe that, you’ve fallen for their propaganda.

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Concise and Persuasive

This is a very good video. But let’s say you disagree completely that the cops provide bad service. You think they provide great service. So what? The arguments still stand. Your neighbors shouldn’t be forced to use the same service you choose to.

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Useless Moron Sheriff

Here’s a little background on this story. A bill was submitted to the Texas state legislature earlier this year, HB948. Its purpose was to abolish abortion, and instructed the state to ignore any judges at any level that attempted to strike down the law. The bill was blocked from being voted on by Byron Cook who is a legislator. He is Republican and pro-life. He is also a deacon at a Baptist church in Corsicana, Texas.

Since he used his power to block this clearly righteous bill, he should be under church discipline. But his pietistic 501c3 social club isn’t into that sort of thing, so abolitionists protested his church from the public sidewalk.

Today, this article appeared in the local paper.

This shameful quote appeared in the article:

“This was disrespectful, inconsiderate and inexcusable to be in front of a church on Sunday morning where these little ones were walking in to learn about Jesus and the Bible,” Elmer Tanner, Navarro County Sheriff stated in a social media post. “It was uncalled-for and was as classless an act as I have ever witnessed.”

“Be angry with a law, a situation or a person, but direct your protest at the right place and the right time,” Tanner stated. “Not at a place of worship where children are needing to feel safe, welcomed, eager and excited to be … Nothing beneficial came out of this display today. Nothing.”

Sixty million babies have been murdered in this country. This dirtbag sheriff has done absolutely nothing in his official capacity to stop it. He would almost certainly say stopping abortion isn’t his job, and that his job is just to enforce the law. That is the same excuse the Nazi guards used during their trials at Nuremberg.

Abortionists rest easy at night knowing there are no good cops. Tanner is the proof of that statement.

The funny thing is that HB948 would have required sheriffs like Tanner to stand up to tyrants and baby murderers. Tanner is clearly too big of a sissy to do that. He would fold in front of a fed like a little girl.

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Liberal Conservative Flip Flop

Here’s a video where a conservative defends a big-government welfare-based government monopoly, and a liberal puts forth alternative free market solutions.

The liberal talks about Latinx and Trans people and other liberal buzz words, which rubs me the wrong way. The conservative shows such little respect for liberty and justice. No wonder we’re in such a mess.

Here’s my response to the video:

I don’t think this guy has ever thought critically about the police for a single millisecond. It is rare for police to ever stop a crime in progress. So police aren’t for protection. In fact, they aren’t even legally obligated to protect you. Ideally speaking, they are there to find criminals after they’ve committed the crime and bring them to justice. Their other purpose, which never comes up in government PR, is that police are there to collect taxes.

Even in cases like terrorist shootings that he mentions, police rarely protect anyone. At Columbine, police hid outside in fear, even after the shooters killed themselves.  The conservative never explains why hundreds of thousands of cops across the country are necessary for a couple of shootings a year. Why can’t citizens with an AR-15 respond to situations like that? They couldn’t do much worse than the cops.

He then talks about a lady being murdered and trying to call 911, and being told there are no police. Again, it’s rare for police to show up to prevent a crime in progress, so the whole thing is just a fantasy. Wouldn’t a better solution be to have an app on your phone that you can alert your neighbors that you need help. And wouldn’t it be nice for the men in the neighborhood to be men and show up to help to show that they love someone enough to potentially lay down their lives for someone else? We don’t have to do that, because we pay the government to do it.

The conservative then raises the question of how we could deal with situations like shoplifting. Maybe the same way the founding fathers dealt with crime before police, when we were still a free people. The police take the information from the store, and then try to locate the suspect. That doesn’t have to be done by police. That can be done privately by investigators, bounty hunters and the courts, which is how early America did it. Read this excellent article on that history.

Then, the liberal says that the job of cops is to manufacture criminals. I think that isn’t the day-to-day mindset of the cop on the street, but I think that is true. With the tough-on-crime mentality of the latter half of the 1900s, politicians made a lot of things illegal that weren’t illegal, and increased prison sentences dramatically. I’ve also heard that there are district attorneys offices whose budgets are wildly too big with a lot of extra staff. What does a prosecuting attorney with nothing to do start looking for? What will happen when we start putting cops in every junior high and high school? You’re going to get more criminals. There have been cases where private prisons bribe judges to send them inmates. This is not far fetched, and the conservative is just not well informed. It’s not exactly surprising that cops aren’t told this, or that this isn’t in the government PR message.

Then the conservative mocks the idea of policing for profit, and says that cops only make $30,000 per year. I suppose there are some places where cops aren’t well paid, but there are also cops who are making great money, and even have pensions worth a couple million. Check out this Forbes story on that.

And the conservative makes fun of the idea that poorly-paid cops are going around trying to put money in other people’s pocket. Well feast your eyes on the video below. Oftentimes they’re trying to put money in their own pocket, as has been verified in local newspapers over the last week or so.

He then goes on to say that cops need to be one step ahead of criminals as far as militarization goes. Criminals have an AR-15 so why go against them with a pistol? The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is that the people are to be as well-armed as the government.

The people are paying the police to protect the citizens, but the police seem much more concerned about their own safety than those they’re paid to protect.

The liberal makes a great point that to end police, their budgets need to be cut. The conservative says that budgets are too small as it is, and for more training, they need more money. That is crazy as far as I’m concerned. When you see 6 or 10 or 15 cops show up to a simple call, it seems like the best thing to do is lay off about 90% of cops. When I’ve had the cops called on me for doing perfectly legal evangelism on a public street, 8 cops showed up. They must have been bored stiff that night.

Starting around 5:15 to 5:53, he then makes a point that I think is important. He says that all shootings are different and have different policies, training, etc. This is something that I’ve been harping on for a long time. Arizona defines murder in a different way than Indiana, which is different from Mississippi. Is it the government’s job to define murder. I have a Christian friend who said officers were justified in one particular incident, and he appealed to state law. Ok, Christian, if you allow the state to define murder, abortion is perfectly legitimate, because the state says so. God defines murder, and every cop who kills someone will stand before God and be judged by His clear and precise law. God will not judge anyone based on Colorado law.

He then mocks the liberal idea of rapid response justice teams saying that cops are that system. But that presupposes that cops bring justice, and the government isn’t stealing to fund their very existence. But he’s clearly someone who hasn’t thought about this stuff very much and seems to worship government power. Here is where he most blatantly shows that he’s a big-government conservative, and cares not a wit about free-market solutions, but in forcing his chosen solution on everyone based on force.

And he thinks the state-sanctioned rapid response justice team is automatically better than the free market rapid response justice team. It’s like he thinks the government people are magical, and this service is only possible through the power of the state. I think a lot of the same people would be involved in the free market security service, except that they could much more easily be held accountable.

So that is it. I’ve debated many people on this, and I never get rational arguments. All they have to offer is emotions.

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How Does The Bible Define Anarchy?

I told someone that the cops should arrest abortionists for murder, and they said that would be anarchy. Here is my response. Please check out the link, and take the time to read that important article.

If the Nazi guards at the concentration camps had disobeyed orders to kill Jews, would that have been anarchy? Six million murdered Jews is anarchy. Sixty million dead American babies dwarfs Hitler’s anarchy. The Bible only ever refers to man’s laws as lawlessness, i.e. anarchy. Check out this article.

All unlawful orders must be disobeyed. Abortionists rest easy at night knowing there are no good cops.

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Wicked Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a bigot who votes against people on the basis of their religious beliefs.

He did to the guy exactly what he’s accusing the guy of. That is the kind of absurdity and hypocrisy that rejecting Christ leads to. Bernie’s brand of socialism is wicked because it is based on government theft, and appeals to the covetousness of the people.

I try not to spend too much time on federal politics, but I will take a moment to expose stupidity at any level.

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The Biggest Thieves In Colorado Are Named in the Paper

Civil asset forfeiture is plain old wicked. It is blatant, out-and-out stealing. Some Colorado lawmakers aren’t trying to end it, but to just rein it in a little bit. (That in itself is not the best approach. Theft should be illegal and any concession that theft should be legal under certain circumstances is evil. But this episode reveals a lot of truth in spite of that little fact.)

Here’s the Daily Record article on it.

Prominent cops are bold in saying that they want their thievery to remain unchecked. They have revealed their covetous hearts and their names are named unashamedly in the newspaper.

Pete Carey, Colorado Springs Police Chief

Chip Taylor, executive director of Colorado Counties Inc.

Justin Smith, Larimer County Sheriff

They’re the ones who are named in the article, but I’m sure there are many, many more. Those guys don’t stop theft in their jurisdiction. They and their blue gangs are the biggest thieves.

Cops blindly enforce any and all unjust laws and then use the lame excuse that they don’t make the laws, they just enforce them. Obviously, that’s a lie and a cop out. They have the ear of the governor and lobbyist groups and they can’t claim to be impartial parties. They are a powerful constituency and they make their voices heard.

Justin ends the article saying that if the law passes, “I just simply see a lot of agencies — they will abandon forfeitures.” I certainly hope so.

UPDATE: A similar story appeared in the Pueblo Chieftain. We can add these names to the list of thieves boldly coming out of the thief closet.

Kirk Taylor, Sheriff, Pueblo County

Eric Gonzales, Sergeant, Pueblo Police Department


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The Religion More Violent Than Islam

Here Mark Zuckerberg touts his religion saying that we ought to have universal basic income in this country. People can tout their religion all day. The problem is that in Zuckerberg’s religion they are willing to kill those who don’t bow down and participate.

He’s perfectly free to give away his money to whomever he wants. But he doesn’t want to do that. He wants the government to do it for him. Not only that, but he wants to use the force of the state to make everyone participate in his scheme whether they want to or not.

No Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, JW, Mormon or Muslim has ever held a gun to my head or issued a credible threat of further violence if I don’t participate in their religion. However, every day I face those threats from one religion: statism. One of the fundamental blind-faith beliefs of the statist religion is that an immoral act can become a moral act if performed by the government. If this act passes through the magical religious rituals of getting the right people to vote on it or sign off on it, an immoral act becomes a moral act.

I’m sick of it. Zuckerberg can do what he wants with his money. He has a zillion dollars, but it’s not enough. He covets more money. He wants the money of others to enact this scheme, to the point that those who refuse will be jailed and murdered if they resist. I think he’s a reprehensible person, and his religion is the most evil on earth.

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Woe to Those Who Call Tyranny Freedom

Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

Woe to those who call evil good. I see three possibilities for people who are calling evil good.

  1. Deception. They do it because they know they’re evil people and they’re trying to trick you.
  2. Perversion. They think they’re right and good but they are incorrect.
  3. Ignorance. They don’t know what is good and evil, and they are well-intentioned, but wrong. This is the category many Christians are in without knowing it.

It’s kind of a fine line between category 2 and 3.

The point is that there are many conservatives and Christians praising this country saying this is a free country. What they’re doing is calling tyranny freedom and freedom tyranny. Woe to them.

Freedom and liberty are good things. They are a result of God’s law and God wants them for us (assuming He’s not pouring out His wrath). James 1:25 calls God’s law the perfect law of liberty! I’m proud of God’s law. Jesus said the truth will set you free (John 8:32)! If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Let’s go build a free country!

Christians are the only ones who can do it. Everything else is a failed worldview that leads to the tyranny of rule by man’s law. The choice is theonomy or autonomy (God’s law or self law).

Continuing to call this a free country at this point shows that you are ignorant of the teaching of God’s law. You’re willing to call bitter sweet and light darkness. You don’t know your right hand from your left. How do you rectify this fearful situation? Study the perfect law of liberty.

When I say this isn’t a free country, does that mean this isn’t the freest country? Generally, that is the argument from someone when someone says this isn’t a free country. They’ll say, “Well then why don’t you move to another country?” That is a terrible argument.

I don’t know if this is the freest country or not. But the standard isn’t other countries. The standard is the perfect law of liberty. Liberty and freedom are absolutes under God’s law just like good and evil, justice, truth and the laws of logic.

So start comparing what you see in America to God’s law–not to Mexico or Norway. Mature Christians are to be discerning good and evil, right and wrong, freedom and tyranny (Hebrews 5:14). Whatever you do, don’t be calling good evil or freedom tyranny.

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