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Useless Moron Sheriff

Here’s a little background on this story. A bill was submitted to the Texas state legislature earlier this year, HB948. Its purpose was to abolish abortion, and instructed the state to ignore any judges at any level that attempted to strike down the law. The bill was blocked from being voted on by Byron Cook who is a legislator. He is Republican and pro-life. He is also a deacon at a Baptist church in Corsicana, Texas.

Since he used his power to block this clearly righteous bill, he should be under church discipline. But his pietistic 501c3 social club isn’t into that sort of thing, so abolitionists protested his church from the public sidewalk.

Today, this article appeared in the local paper.

This shameful quote appeared in the article:

“This was disrespectful, inconsiderate and inexcusable to be in front of a church on Sunday morning where these little ones were walking in to learn about Jesus and the Bible,” Elmer Tanner, Navarro County Sheriff stated in a social media post. “It was uncalled-for and was as classless an act as I have ever witnessed.”

“Be angry with a law, a situation or a person, but direct your protest at the right place and the right time,” Tanner stated. “Not at a place of worship where children are needing to feel safe, welcomed, eager and excited to be … Nothing beneficial came out of this display today. Nothing.”

Sixty million babies have been murdered in this country. This dirtbag sheriff has done absolutely nothing in his official capacity to stop it. He would almost certainly say stopping abortion isn’t his job, and that his job is just to enforce the law. That is the same excuse the Nazi guards used during their trials at Nuremberg.

Abortionists rest easy at night knowing there are no good cops. Tanner is the proof of that statement.

The funny thing is that HB948 would have required sheriffs like Tanner to stand up to tyrants and baby murderers. Tanner is clearly too big of a sissy to do that. He would fold in front of a fed like a little girl.

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Bad News

You’ve probably seen the video of the abolitionist homeschoolers being harassed by a sodomite principal. There has been a petition organized to reinstate the guy after being placed on leave. Unfortunately 45,000 people have signed the petition. You can find out more here.

Here’s what Paul Dorr says about that.

“45,000 sign petition to support the homosexual asst. principal in Pennsylvania who berated two homeschooled kids! What better indication of the generational curse on public education.”

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Christians Are the Problem

As a little bit of background to the story below, HB 948 is the bill in the Texas state legislature that would abolish abortion completely in that state. Byron Cook is the legislator that runs the committee that would need to approve the bill to go on to the legislature to vote.

I’m sure the Texas attorney general is correct that this would be struck down by the Supreme Court. But only a complete coward would care what stupid thing the Supreme Court says. Our job is to do the right thing and leave the consequences to God, and that may very well include the states telling the wicked Supreme Court to shove it.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t going to force the state of Texas to do anything. She is merely a priestess of the false American statist religion.

But the most heinous part of the story below is that Byron Cook is a Baptist deacon. What a terrible situation American Christianity finds itself in when a deacon can’t tell right from wrong. Christians are the problem in America. Pastors are derelict. I’m not just saying there are a few bad churches, like anyone would concede. There are so precious few good churches. I don’t believe there’s a decent church in the state of Colorado, including mine–at least I don’t know of any.

Here’s the story from Kendra Thomas.

Met with Texas Rep. Byron Cook. Had a 15 minute conversation with him. He was gracious with his time and listened to our concerns.

House representatives are in session deciding on the state budget. Five bold Republican women joined me. We sent a note through a page, which was delivered to Rep. Cook on the floor.  We asked him to leave House Chambers so we could pray with him and thank him for his public service.

After we thanked him, we got down to business. We introduced ourselves as delegates to the state convention in 2016, reminded him that 88% of delegates voted to make abolishing abortion a legislative priority THIS session, that we expected him to support HB 948, and as chairman, to move it out of committee.

Rep. Cook argued that HB 948 would never withstand a SCOTUS challenge. We reminded him courts cannot make law. Despite his personal opinion, he was duty bound to enact the will of his party and allow it to come to the floor. Rep. Cook argued that we must be patient and pursue incremental legislation. We countered that regulation was NOT what the delegates at the state convention voted for. Delegates demanded the immediate end of abortion. He said he has done much to regulate abortion, so some babies have been saved. We STRONGLY reminded him that 60 million dead babies over a span of 40 plus years is not a victory. It’s a Holocaust. We reminded him too that 4,000 dead babies a day is losing, not winning. We must abolish abortion now. He said, no, we must wait on the new SCOTUS appointment. He claimed that the Attorney General said that the bill would not withstand a court challenge. He said we’ve all discussed it (whoever we is) and it’s not leaving committee. Again we reminded him courts cannot make law. Roe is legal fiction.

Before he left, we asked if we could pray for him. He agreed. We prayed for him, his family, and asked God to awaken his conscience and convict him of his responsibility to defend the preborn. That last part irked him. At the end of the prayer, Rep. Cook said, “That kind of a prayer is not going to change my mind.” He said that our faith is not superior to his faith and that he is a deacon in his Baptist Church. It was a respectful, but at times heated, confrontation. He was adamant in his sin. We were adamant in our plea. Please contact Rep. Cook and ask him to move HB 948 out of committee. Pray God breaks his heart. 512-463-0730
#AATX #JesusistheStandard

Here’s a few pictures of Byron Cook’s workplace. You can see how frugal the state legislators have been with taxpayer money. It is an opulent, lavish temple of America’s false religion.

Image result for texas state capitol

Image result for texas state capitol

Image result for texas state capitol

Image result for texas state capitol interior

Image result for texas state capitol interior

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Conservatives and Christians are the Problem

Liberal states defy the federal government all the time. There are sanctuary cities and states for illegal immigration and there are several states where marijuana is legal in spite of the federal government.

Conservative states could easily and righteously defy Roe vs. Wade and ban abortion in their states, but they’re too sissy. Christians could call on their states and locality to defy tyranny, but have warped the teaching on Romans 13 so badly, that they think it would be a sin to defy the federal government.

It’s time to grow up and start acting as though we actually do believe that babies are being murdered among us. Our government doesn’t bear any resemblance to the government described in Romans 13. The government isn’t doing its job to protect babies from murder.

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Eschatology Matters

Some people like to say they’re pan-millennialists, meaning they’re not sure what is true about eschatology, but they believe it will all pan out in the end. I think for some it is just a way to get out of having to study the subject.

But I think it definitely matters. Believing something that is false leads to misinformed and probably incorrect actions. Believing something that is true will much more often lead to correct actions.

I love what John Andrew Reasnor says here. He first quotes David Chilton:

“The fact is that you will not work for the transformation of society if you don’t believe society can be transformed. You will not try to build a Christian civilization if you do not believe that a Christian civilization is possible.”
-David Chilton.

The fact is that you will not work for the total abolition of abortion if you don’t believe that society can be transformed. What you WILL do, more than likely, is work to regulate abortion because there’s no real hope of abolition.

Thankfully there are a few who pit their practice against their expectations.

In case you don’t know what I’m getting at, most Christians are premillennialists, which is the rapture and tribulation and all of that. What I believe is true is postmillennialism, which means that the church will succeed in history rather than being defeated. There is much more to it, and I’ll leave it to you to look up.

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The Best Demonstration Of Tony Miano’s Stupidity

I used to like Tony Miano, but he has demonstrated over and over that he is untrustworthy. It’s acceptable to be stupid. It happens. The problem is when you’re stupid and you don’t know it and insist on demonstrating the stupidity to everyone you can. The internet has provided a platform for him to demonstrate his stupidity over and over to a lot of people. He’s overreached on the capacity of his intelligence by insisting on speaking when he should be quiet.

He would be great if he simply posted videos of himself witnessing and preaching on the street. That would be great. That’s a very important thing. and he’s good at it. But he’s started podcasts and blogs and insists on commenting on things he obviously has no business speaking on.

I’ve shown all of  that to be true before on this very website, but below is just an amazing display that illustrates more than I could in 50 articles.

Here, Tony’s intellectual inadequacy and the irrational hatred of AHA is demonstrated better than anything I’ve seen yet. He thanks the abolitionist girl for handing him literature, until he finds out she’s AHA and then he turns on her. Notice he doesn’t hold the guy who also interrupted him to say it’s AHA material to the same standard.

He’s sitting in a public place, and everyone is just supposed to know that he’s (for some unexplained reason) reading the Bible to people via the internet, and is not supposed to be interrupted.

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Great Story

Here’s a story from some abolitionists in Georgia:

It was a busy and wet day down at the abortuary here in Augusta, Georgia, also known as “A Women’s Preffered Healthcenter”. There were many hard hearts and alot of kick back. Nearly 15 babies were put to death here. However we did witness God do a work in a few hearts today.

A mother walked away from this death house and had a change of heart towards her little one. We were able to have a conversation with both her, and later the father, about children, sin and Jesus.

After about 20 minutes, they decided to follow me up the street to the CPC (crisis pregnancy center) for additional help and counseling. They were closed, but we were able to get a hold of the director of the facility. She came down to meet with them and later called me to say the mother had recognized this as “a divine appointment.” Praise the Lord.

During all of this the Stericycle truck showed up. For those who don’t know, Stericycle is the leading medical waste disposal company used by abortion facilities across the nation. Our local kill center stores its unwanted children in freezers in the back of its building to be collected every six weeks and taken to Lake City, GA and other cities to be incinerated. Much like biblical times, when Israel’s son’s and daughters were passed through the fires of Molech, so it is with these children.

When the driver pulled in, I grabbed a graphic image and went to the end of the driveway to call him to repentance. I waited for him to cut the engine off before speaking, but he kept it running and got out his phone and took a picture. I turned the sign around to show another graphic image, and he took another picture. Then he put his truck in gear and pulled out the drive!

As I stepped out of the way, he rolled down and spoke with me. He told me that he had no idea that this was an abortion clinic, and he “couldn’t do it.” I asked if he was a Christian, and he told me that he was a pastor.

Praise the Lord for conviction and those who love Him! This man was willing to leave his job rather than live with his conscience. Pray for this man and his family. His name is Cornelius. This man trusts God for his provisions and wants to do what is right in the sight of His Lord.

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Like I Said

This is great, from Bojidar Marinov.


The laws against abortion are on the books in every state. Roe v. Wade was actually the SCOTUS vs. the State of Texas. Under the state laws of at least 35 states, abortions are still illegal. Sheriffs are not elected to serve the Supreme Court. They serve their counties, and thus, they enforce the laws of their counties and states, not opinions of the Supreme Court. Therefore, if these Sheriffs were what they said they were, they would enforce the laws of their counties and states.

Modern police has supplanted what America originally had: citizen’s militia. The real authority, morally and constitutionally, is that citizen’s militia of the Second Amendment, and the courts. That authority has been de facto taken away from them, and given to an institution of executive power – the police.

I am calling the people back to their Biblical and Constitutional origins. I never said that individual citizens are supposed to shut the abortion clinics. But I am saying that we are supposed all, as individual citizens, to work and fight to restore the Biblical order. In a Biblical order, the citizen’s militia will suppress any attempt at setting up abortion clinics. Under the current order, police keeps them open, and that is what I use to prove that this social order is not Biblical.

Yes, eventually we will get to shutting down the abortion clinics, in defiance of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, there is work to be done: educate the people to know why the current situation persists, and why they can’t change it. One reason: they believe police is a legitimate authority. They need to break free of that lie. It is not. Police is an occupation army, and we should treat it as one. That is, shrewdly and carefully undermine its authority until the time is ripe to abolish it. And yes, eventually, we as citizens will shut down the clinics.

The issue is timing not consistency. Paul knew slavery would be abolished one day. He just started the fight strategically, not stupidly.

Read my article on “Paul’s Political Debate Against Augustus.” And listen to my lectures from the Freedom Conference earlier this year.

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