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One of the Problems With Public School

I found this quote in my email from several months ago. I will occasionally email myself something I want to post here, but it didn’t say who the quote is from. But here it is. It’s by someone brilliant speaking truth about public school.

The main problem is not the teachers, it’s the system. It’s the way the system is managed and funded, but also the teaching philosophy that teachers must adhere to.

For example, in a subject such as English, we teach how the rules of grammar are true because they reflect the laws of logic. Our obligation as creatures of a God that tells us the purpose of writing is to communicate truth, and truth must adhere to the laws which come from the character of our creator. When a sentence has bad grammar, we can correct it by showing how the sentence does not accurately reflect the character of God. That’s something you can never do in a government school.

End public school!

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A Good Point

Here’s a cool t-shirt, and a good comment about it.

Not only do I agree, but I believe it is the only way to defeat the wickedness of our culture like abortion, police, corruption, etc. People can go protest and write legislation all they want, but if 90% of “christian” children are being discipled by government agents, or agents of a bureaucratic denomination, every single one of those gains is going to be crushed a few short years later by the spawn of the beast…that includes votes cast against YOU by the offspring of the local hipster church pastor who he has willingly sent off to public school to be trained in a worldview opposed to yours.

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The Soviet Union Won the Cold War

The Daily Record has an article saying that Canon City elementary and middle schools will be offering free breakfast to every student. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as a free breakfast.

This is a another way for  our benevolent government to reinforce the lesson that socialism is the answer, and that big government will provide for you. Public schools have been a magnificent success for Marxists in indoctrinating the vast majority of Americans into being good socialists. Republicans are socialists, and even the vast majority of Christians are socialists in spite of the Bible teaching small government and private charity.

The black square is my hidden identity.

I commented on the Daily Record’s facebook post of this article, and you can see the results. I rarely get replies to my comments on Daily Record posts, but in this case I got two, and another saying I should crawl back in my hole, which was deleted. All but one other comment was favorable to the “free” breakfast scheme, in a county that has voted Republican in every election since the dawn of time.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why food stamps are inadequate; welfare is inadequate; and the breakfast that schools already serve is inadequate. I guess we just need to keep government growing.

Clearly, the vast majority of Americans are socialists, taking part in many socialist schemes (Social Security, Medicare, police, roads, libraries, fire services), the most pervasive and evil of which is public school. The USSR handed us our hats in the cold war while giving us the illusion that we won.

Pastors need to speak up about these rubber-meets-the-road topics, but ask your pastor about educating people on what the Bible says about capitalism and free markets, and he’ll probably tell you

  1. It doesn’t say anything.
  2. We should focus on the gospel–not politics.
  3. We shouldn’t rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.
  4. He is a socialist.

This country may be in the same predicament as the Titanic after striking the iceberg, but that would only be because pastors haven’t been doing their job.

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Throw More Money At It

Canon City’s new mayor succeeded in raising the sales tax in the city for the first time since the 1970s, and has now come out in favor of a property tax hike for the school district.

The streets are in terrible shape according to the city. They’ve failed to properly maintain the roads over the years. The school district has put off maintenance on the junior high building and Washington elementary to the point that they’re considering tearing them down. Are these people we should be giving more money to? I think they sound like utter failures. Everyone associated with operating those organizations over the last few decades should be embarrassed to show their face in public and there should be mobs in the street calling for those governmental entities to be disbanded.

But Higher-Taxes Troutman (who is supposed to be a Republican, small-government type) wants to use the threat of government-sanctioned violence and theft to force people to pay for the education of other people’s children. The public school system is built on covetousness, greed, theft and laziness. It is morally repugnant to the Christian worldview. Yet, I am forced to pay for it.

Higher-Taxes Troutman thinks that higher taxes and more free stuff will attract younger, more affluent residents. Maybe it would. Or maybe what would attract businesses is lower taxes or no taxes. Why attempt the same higher tax strategy as every other town in the country? Maybe try freedom, capitalism, and elimination of wasteful government entities. Maybe the sole purpose of the CCPD could become keeping federal and state enforcers out of town. Security can be handled by free market solutions and neighbors loving others more than themselves.

I’m with Paul Dorr, who says in the video below, “I have a deep passionate abhorrence of government schools.”



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Hello McFly. Is It Time to Homeschool Yet?

There are a lot of biblical reasons to homeschool. There are a lot of biblical reasons to not go to public school. Here is a video that makes me so grateful that I get to homeschool my kids. There is a lot of freedom in homeschooling, and a lot of pain, suffering and time wasted in public school.

This is an elementary school in Unionville, North Carolina. I don’t know why they don’t drop off the kids a couple blocks away and let them walk, but I’ve heard of schools that don’t allow that.

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Let’s Worry About Something That Matters

People are so worried about who the president is going to be. I couldn’t care less. Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t matter, both of them will have to be opposed every step of the way.

What I would like people to care about, and invest their energy into is making the president irrelevant. If the president says boys can use the girls’ bathroom, the only thing a Christian should worry about is how to resist the stupidity of that. Many conservative, Christian people in this very town think that when the president says boys can use the girls’ bathroom, that boys can actually use the girls’ bathroom. How foolish!

We need to convince our neighbors that we don’t have to obey everything the president says. We need to convince the person down the pew from us that Romans 13 doesn’t teach strict obedience even to the point that anyone can use whatever bathroom they feel like. If there was ever something more preposterous I can’t think of what it would be.


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